Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Mugatu2, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. I've just come back from a trip to the North East of Scotland where I picked up a nice big haggis from a good butchers shop.
    I think I'll just bake it in the oven for an hour or so sat in a little bath of water and eat it with some heavily buttered tatties and neeps.... but are there different things to do with haggis? I hear a nice whisky sauce goes well with the wee animal, anyone got a good recipe for a sauce? I have some Talisker sat on the shelf I could use.
    I've never tried it by the way, so it'll be a new one on me... is anyone else a fan of haggis, or do you have any thoughts or opinions on the chieftan of the puddin' race?
  2. 1. Add 30ml of whisky to a hot saucepan and set it alight (please be careful, you don't want to set fire to the kitchen, as the flames can get very high). The purpose of lighting the whisky is to burn of the alcohol, otherwise the sauce will be too bitter.
    2. Add 150ml of double cream, season with salt and pepper, reduce the heat and allow the liquid to reduce to a nice thick consistency.
    3. Once the liquid has reduced (usually by half), take it off the heat and pour over the haggis.

    Or this one

    This is a recipe which uses three of scotlands main (traditional) cooking ingredients, namely haggis, whisky and home grown mustard. Whilst the recipe willwork with local produce, try where possible to get authentic ingredients.

    Haggis Balls with whisky and mustard sauce

    1 cup beer
    1 cup flour
    1 haggis
    seasoning -salt/pepper and a little paprika (mainly for colour)
    1 tablespoon whisky
    oil for frying
    mustard (arran grain if possible)
    a little cream or thick milk

    Mix the beer, the flour a little black pepper and paprika to make a light batter. Form the haggis into balls the approximate size of small walnuts.

    Place oil into a heavy pan or wok and heat (a deep fat fryer MAY do the job). When the oil is hot, roll haggis balls one by one in the batter until fully coated and drop into the hot oil.(be careful as they may "spit".

    Cook until the batter is golden brown and remove with draining spoon and place on on kitchen paper or paper towels. Mix the whiskey, milk (or cream) and mustard in a little bowl to make a thin dipping or pouring sauce according to taste. Either pour sauce lightly over the haggis or serve haggis balls on a platter with the dipping sauce bowl in the middle.
  3. Slices fried up for breakfast, top scoff.
  4. Will slices hold together in the frying pan? It looks as though it might fall apart if I slice the bugger up. I only plan on eating half of it as a dinner, I'm just worried about the leftovers falling to bits.
    Johnboy: Thank you, interesting ideas. I will do the whisky sauce. The deep fried balls sound awesome but I'd probably fuck those up.
  5. 18 Pints of heavy, coat with batter, deep fry serve with chips and call it supper, Can be consumed prior to, during, or after a fight
  6. The first sensible thing you've ever posted. :wink:

  7. :D I liked that Western. God bless the Jocks.
  8. Go for it! But its not that messy a meal, so dont bother sitting in the bath to eat it.
  9. Priceless :clap: :D