Hadrians Wall - where can you camp?

Looking for advice please.
We are organising a sponsored walk along Hadrian's Wall to raise money for Help for Heroes in June. We had hoped to spend a night in Albearmale Barracks transit accommodation, but due to delays in a works programme it is now not available. Therefore does anyone know where we could set up a tented camp in the general Ouston area for one night. The exercise will comprise about 40-50 pax (in uniform) with a 4 ton TCV, 2 landrovers in support. Centralised feeding using cookset/BBQ.

Normal 15 (NE) Bde land clearance procedures will be complied with.

Many thanks in advance.
If they won't let you into their transit accomm, have you asked whether you can pitch a camp there instead? They must have a bit of grass or an old hangar you can overnight in / on.
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