Hadrians Wall 15.08.09 for Hols 4 Heroes.

Tommo and Wife are off on another wander on behalf of Hols 4 Heroes. The plan is to cover as much wall as possible as well as visit museums and sites of interest. Sgt Braille will be accompanying us as and will be responsible for the collecting tin and keeping the picts haggis side. This will be my last charity walk until I have my guts put back in so let's whack some money in the coffers. Anyone interested in joining us along the way drop me a pm, you'll be more than welcome, all donations gratefully received.
Cheers Wheel, we're looking forward to it, we've also just enlisted the help of a short arrse from Wales to scare the kids into surrendering their pocket money or sweets.

Hope the weather holds out.
Tommo5050 said:
Will do Hedgehog, I think I can remember where it is.... will anyone be there, it is on a Saturday.
Yes the RSM :D Seriously though i don't think its R/Sigs anymore.Royal Artillery according to my mate google.Go do em anyhow. :D :wink:

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