Had to happen eventually......

So they stay with tradition, keep their guns and shoot them in the sky when they want to celebrate. Not big, not clever but you try and tell them that they really shouldn't be doing it...... a few deaths a year won't stop them exercising their 'rights' so what's the point in bothering.

What you should learn from this is:-

a) Don't fly at low altitude over Serbia.... and

b) Avoid the whole bl**dy country anyway!
It seems like a nice quaint custom...I believe that the Palestinians do it as well.
I will firmly defend their rights to do it, in fact EVERYONE over there should be encouraged to do it! The more stupid gits that do it, the less of them there will be once the lead rain begins :p


Like back in 1995, a wedding party in Bosnia passing a convoy of Infantry loosing off rounds- ended with the bride shot through the shoulder!

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