Had the "snip?" Get regular finger waves, then. Oh, joy!

Best not to get the snip then...... use the good old standby cure all - a Wonk sock!!


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you'd have thought a blank firing weapon would last longer.
ah, but they do say regular sex is good protection form this nasty disease, so if you are on your own, self abuse is the next best thing..............!

As Billy Connolly once said.... "If you get an erection, use it, even if you are on your own....!"
My manfat is full fat and so full of sperm that the girls often have to chew it before they can swallow it.


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That is a truly shite photograph in the Mirror article. That expression doesn't say "I just found out I've got cancer", that says "Damn, I left the gas on".
Is it not a tad ironic that he has Parkinson's after all he and Parkie were great friends.
I had the snip twice. After the missus phoned me when I was on a long course to say she was pregnant 7 months after my first chop, I thought I'd better give it another crack, seeing as I failed miserably the first attempt.

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