Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kyleavfc, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. I took my Oath of Allegiance today in Birmingham Town Hall...
    Easily the proudest moment of my life.
    We also set a record for the most Junior Soldiers Pledging at a Single time (46).

    The way they called us 'Soldiers' really put a smile on my face.
    I really feel part of the British Army now.
    Thanks to every ARRSE user who has helped me with all my queries.
    Even ones who i have disagreed with have shown me that i should wind my neck in :)

    AFC Harrogate on 7th September - Here i Come! :D
  2. Hi Kyle... So glad all things went well for you today. How lucky to have such alot of other lads to say your oath with. My son did his today as well, which all went well. Roll on the weekend. Will see you there. :D
  3. Thanks, i hope your Son had a good time and was as proud as i was :)
    Yeah, will see you there Sunday :D
    Have the nerves kicked in yet?
  4. I remember taking my oath of allegiance, proudest moment of that part of my life.

    Strangely enough my wife (being a foreigner) when gaining British Naturalisation also had to swear a similar if not identical oath of allegiance,
    Something civvies dont do.

    What do others think, should civvies swear the same or similar oath?

    ps. Congrats mate, hope it all goes well for you :)
  5. Good luck with Harrogate.
  6. Thanks, and yeah the Lord Mayor told us about the Civvie Oath being took.

    And im down as Signals even though i passed Selection for RE but there was no spaces.
    So i suppose at the moment im Signals but i got until the 21 weeks point to decide :D
  7. Well done mate, see you there! And London may pass your record tomorrow :wink:
  8. Good Luck mate, see you there :)
    And i doubt it, Birmingham is the Country's most successful Recruiting place, or so they say. :wink:
    If i'm proven wrong though do tell me tomorrow :D
  9. overwhelmed by brummies....i can see it already...haha ill let you know mate, what you joining?
  10. Lmao not a pretty sight is it :wink:
    And i look forward to it fella :)

    Signals mate as it stands,
    No prizes for what your joining :p
    You excited/ Nervous?
  11. 2RTR mate!
    yes tbh im trying to get my head round it all but i just cant wait to walk through the gates! signals, thats a great corps mate you'll love it
  12. and what the feck would you know bout his Corps or feck all for all else!!

    enjoy it boys but ffs your oath don't make it the passing out parade, long way yet and a few posting here won't be there at the end so enjoy!
  13. Same to you London, good luck with everything :)

    And Cheggers i understand what you say, but all the same im still proud of what i have achieved so far
    I found out that for every 1 applicant 7 got turned away.
    But you have the experience so i appreciate what you say, hopefully i will be at the Passing Out Parade.
  14. understood, i know its a long hard road, cheers for the advice
  15. All the more reason to join the greatest Armed Forces in the World :)
    Would be pointless if it wasn't hard. It's obviously hard for a reason.