Had my RSW :-) onto RT 1 in two weeks! :-)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_GUY, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, i just had my RSW and did pretty well i think, 1.5 miles in 10.25, 63 press ups and 53 sit ups, now onto RT 1 in a week and half :)

    YAY for me
  2. Love the subtle name ;]

    Good to see you're so happy about it though, keep it up
  3. Now you need to improve those scores! at TAFS2 or w/e 1, dependant on system in place , and again on w/e4 or 6! But well done anyhow agood score
  4. Yea i know, i plan to improve greatly, just happy cos even though its not great it is the required time needed by the end pretty much, so i just have to improve on it :) i have never really ran before so didnt expect to get in the desired time on my first go, i'm hoping to get my time downto about 8.30 by rt 7

    and thanks, i thought my name was simple and to the point, lol
  5. I'd kill to acheive that! I have a PTI assesment in a month and have only ever managed 10.34 and 35 press ups although 74 sit ups!
  6. I thought PTIs had to the run in under 10.30. As for press ups old dinosaurs like me only do 37ish, so I would expect a potential PTI to be knocking out a lot more.

    From what I'm told there's nothing to the vest, it just takes a bit of filling!
  7. I think grumpypickle is refering to himself being assessed by a PTI on his PFA times and press up/sit up scores.
  8. If he is, then I apologise for being numb! And that would be the PFT then.
  9. Did you go to beckingham for your selection? because i've just had my RSW aswell and have RT1 in two weeks.

    Well done anyway,
  10. Bruce, you on 12 mins for the run as well? 35 & 37
  11. I get it, but am pleased to say I don't use it all mate. Mind I have suffered a bit over the Christmas.
  12. I get it, its rude not to use it!
  13. Mid-life crisis, some ride motor bikes others get tattoos. Me, I feel the need to drink beer eat crap, while at the same time.... Sorry I forgot.
  14. I was referring to PFT assessment to get onto the PTI course!

    'she' - is working VERY hard to increase the no of press ups I can do! - girls my shape arn't built for press ups! i have twigs for arms! officially i get 12/13 mins but take less- 10.30 is still alluding me

    - got the bike no tatoos but too much Christmas has had an impact!
  15. Yes chris, mine was at beckingham, just pm'd you mate.

    Grumpy... are you good looking? lol dont worry about it, practice makes perfect and i'm sure you'll get the hand of the press ups