Had my interview today......a little clearer now!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soldiertobe, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Well I finally had my interview today after a deferal followed by a successful appeal.

    My selection at Glencorse will be between 14th and 21st May and I'll be looking at an intake of the first week July hopefully.....could have probably been before but I had a holiday booked in June before I decided on the Army.

    Really looking forward to it now, admittedly with nerves!!
  2. well done fella, can i ask what was you defered for and how was the appeal process, last month i was defered untill aug for a broken thumb i had in january, and depression entry last aug. i thought about appealling but it's only a couple of months and i can use that time to get my fitness up.

    well done again
  3. Well done for keeping at it, thats the right attitude. Stay like that & you'll do well mate, best of luck :wink:
  4. Yeah, I have to say I was always confident I'd win my appeal because a couple of consultations with my GP were headed as stress related. 1 in 4 appointments are apparently labelled the same?

    My partner and I had a dangerously premature baby 18 months ago and sort advice from my GP at the time for lack of sleep and other symptoms acceptable under the circumstances.

    I wasn't treated and didn't get perscribed anything. So the "stress related" header the GP gave the consultation was taken literally.

    I appealed with my GP's backing and a personal letter and got accepted inside a week. Over the moon!!!
  5. where are you going on holiday? im going menorca june 11th. ill be the geezer being nagged constantly and being told to " stop drinking and pay me more attention, please do this for me"

    you know the usual. anyway well done mate and good luck im just waiting for the doctors surgery to book me an appointment, for the past week "if its not an emergency you cant come in" i guess thats why my national insurance went up £12 this month!
  6. I'm off to my family's villa in Torrevieja, Spain for a week 15th-22nd June..

    But It will be purely for relaxation purposes......certainly no over indulging as I hope to start ITC the week after!?

    A bit of hot weather road running me thinks! :roll:
  7. i just want the doc to hurry up and sign the papers etc what reg you joining mate?
  8. Royal Anglian......Poachers.

    Just want to get started!!
  9. Good choice, im looking to join the anglians, vikings tho.
  10. Where you from then?

    I'm Stamford, Lincolnshire (Poacher catchment) But enlisted Peterborough (Viking catchment) I have chosen Poachers simply for the county connection.
  11. Im from Essex, born in Romford but lived in Clacton-on-sea. I went to army cadets for a few years many many moons ago (30 this year) and anglians were our linked cap badge.
  12. small world! im also joining royal anglian, im from basildon so it falls under the viking catchment.
  13. Another joining 1 R Anglians here ;) Had my interview yesterday went well, was even told I would make a good soldier :lol: The summery was something like " I feel confident that Andy can pass selection and basic" 8) chuffed to bits. Should have selection end of may around the 20's. Just waiting for a confirmation phone call.

    Might see some of you guys around. I'm the fat one that you will think he wont last 5 mins :p
  14. ironeye if you wait about a couple of months after you have passed selection and let me catch up to you with the process i might start basic with you

    i know how gay that sounded
  15. Alright sweetheart I will wait :lol: