Had my BARB test today

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by howlermonkey, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. I applied to RMP last year,did the BARB,RSC et etc and got accepted however due to personal/family problems at the time i couldnt take up my place at Winchester.Ive now applied again but as it was longer than 12 months ago i went to Pirbright ive got to do it all over again.

    So i did my BARB test today and got 76-dont know if thats a good score or not but im eligible for RMP,just waiting for my interview now.

    However i was asked to give 2 other job choices but to be honest there doesnt seem to be anything else i could see myself doing in the Army (love to do the para/Inf thing but im hoping to join civvi bill when i leave so RMP is the obvious choice)

    Any ideas of what i could put down as my other choices-though if i dont get RMP i probably wont join up at all.
  2. thanks for speedy reply and advice

    Thats what everyone keeps telling me but i just have no interest in the mechanical/electrical side of things.
    Seems a bit pointless doing something that i have no interest in or have no desire of doing when i leave-just because it pays well.

    So far my recruiter has put me down for avionics tech and Sig operator till i think of something else???
  3. Whatever you do, dont try David Nivens approach.

    1. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
    2. Black Watch
    3. Anything, but not the HLI!

    Guess where he ended up? :wink:
  4. howler,

    That's because they are 'short' in those trades you mention. If you want RMP followed by Inf (of whatever cap badge) stick to your guns man! I served with a whole raft of blokes in the civvy bill (failed Navy pilot, me ex RAF, ex RAF Dog Handler, 2 x Inf, one Engr and an ex QOH man). It matters not what you have done before as a vocation for civpol as long as they are recruiting (tricky!) and you pass the selection tests (lengthy!).

    Best of luck my friend.


  5. Avionics Tech? Hell's teeth! He's offering you 18 months in a classroom learning maths, science and electronics? Does he have some vacancies to fill? Stupid question..., of course, he does.

    Have a look at the other areas of the AGC!

    Or stick to your guns - say RMP or nowt!

  6. theres nothing to stop you doing civvi pol when you come out, I thinkyou can use your ressettlement to go on a course to prepare you. but the two are as different as sh1t and polish, military law is not civi law. plus your counstabulary may not be recruiting when you get out.
    as for trade your choice of not doing it would mean you missing out in the army life, not that you'll have much fun directing traffic (TIC)............monkeys are not the most revered bods in the army, a few are attracted to the relative quick progression in rank!


    remember soldier first, trade second.
  7. my main perdicament is if i dont get RMP for whatever reason what else could i do instead-im definitely all for joining the Army but as for 2nd and 3rd job choice im stumped.

    Paramedic was on my list of eligible jobs- i might put that down
  8. howlermonkey, the RMP will stand you well in the knowledge of not JUST military law, but also UK law and PACE which goes without saying is the same as the UK civil side of law.

    As for not being popular if you join, well then so be it, but I have to say that the majority of those who do not like RMP generally are those who have had the non desirable visit or chat from them. In all the years of being RMP I actually had a great many freinds in a wide variety of capbadges many of whom I still stay in contact with.

    Only narrow minded people can't see past the colour of your beret or the title of your job, there are loads out there who actually take time to know the person and really could not care about whether you are serving with the RMP or the Infantry.

    Remember being RMP represents authority and some don't like authority!

    Do what YOU WANT to do, listen to others for advice, but don't let them make your decision for you, it's your choice.

    Good Luck in whatever you do !

  9. Thanks for your input admag, you Muppet!

    Hours on end stuffed in the back of a warrior will be much more fun ofcourse and when you come out there's loads of call for trained killers in civvie street, I know my local job centre has loads of vacancies for those who can strip a GMPG blindfolded.

    And ofcourse you are right, being a LCpl from training attracts way more people than say, for example, wanting to be a police officer, progressing into the SIB, having a crack at DIT, Para Provost or CP, or being a dog handler. No, 'I want to be LCpl' is what you here all those in training
    aspiring to.

    Rant over, deep breaths.

    Don't get me wrong howlermonkey, the infantry i respect, no nothing muppets spouting what they've heard other idiots say I don't.

    If you're interested in joining the civvie police long term - go RMP. I joined RMP with no intention of joining civvie bill, but I have (for various reasons). RMP is by no means a shoe-in for civvie bill but it's a role that gives you (in my opinion) a role with various interesting avenues to pursue long term, a more interesting job day to day than many roles, a better idea if you'd want to go civvie bill or not, and don't forget that LCpl tape - whoopee!
  10. Cheers for the advice-RMP is the way i want to go

    My other 2 choices are for the worst case scenario

    better to be prepared for any eventuallity.


  11. Glad I your pulse elevated there. (TIC) = Tongue in cheek ! guess you missed that ! was it too surreptitious for you?

    I'm not saying that it's not worth while! but howler was refering to skills transfer!
    Red Caps are not the best liked are they! just like civi police! but granted you play an important part in the scheme of things, and are in just as much danger at times as anybody else.

    thanks for tagging me muppet, high praise and a very intullectual response! did you fall off your pedestal ? :wink:

    Now Simon Says "Hands on Head, your'e out get off my Plain"

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  12. CP is quite tempting-obviously once ive earned it,also really interested in maybe PTI route (is this availiable in all corps or just selected ones?)

  13. No, sorry I didn't spot the TIC but then I have a life so I am not completely up with chat room abbreviations.

    Also I don't see the glorious red patch on the arm of the bod directing traffic in your pic, is that because he's a bayonet dicked as a crossing guard? Maybe when he leaves the mob he can be a lollypop lady?

    As for skills transfer, being a police advanced driver goes down quite well on a civvie bill application, as does the home office SOCO course and a number of others. We don't have that many Warrior gunners though.
  14. No red tac flash, but he is carrying a rifle with iron sights.....got to be RMP (they don't trust us with them there optic thingys)!
  15. SOCO, CP, Crime Reduction, Advanced Driver/Rider, the list is quite attractive and is very much transferable to civvy street.

    Combine the CP and Crime Reduction and you are a security adviser with good credentials and looking at a good pay packet too.

    Ahhh....I love the Corps!

    Exemplo Ducemus!