Had First Interview Today

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nath2008, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Hey all just fort to start a topic on interviews. I past my first 1 today wohoo my recruiter said to me next time you have the interview just tell him wot u sed today and uv pratically passed the 2nd one aswell i was ova the moon haha get this 2nd interview over and done with then selection here i come :)

    the only questions the recruiter ask's you is how is ur fittness and family life etc.. and a few questions on the job iv chosen thank god for those job breifs haha and did my ice breaker in front of him he said i sounded like a robot because iv redone it over and over agian so it really dose help :D

    Royal Artillery Light Gunner all the way
  2. Sounding like a robot isn't good; you're not supposed to bore him to sleep with your dull-as-dust personality. Try to keep it interesting; if he gets the impression that you regard the interview as another embuggerance, he'll probably just fail you. Bear in mind that you may also be asked to write an essay as part of the selection process, so don't neglect the spelling and grammar and make sure your service knowledge is up to scratch, especially on the RA (What's the largest regiment in the Army? What is the range of a light gun? How many bloke in a gun number? What is a RAP? etc). Otherwise, nice one; keep it up.
  3. Yer i know he said to me thats a great Ice Breaker and all you need to do is add a few extra bits thats all and he said to me i know that you have done it over and over agian because your brain relaxs and its just comes out, And i didn't bore him and i havn't got a dull personality , And why would i wanna F!@#$ up the interview when the army is were i wanna be???.........