Had enough and looking to change units in west midlands

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sticky, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently looking to change units for many reasons, I enjoy being the TA and although the thought of laying a large turd in the middle of the drill hall, with my mod 90 protruding at a jaunty angle after handing my kit in appeals to me! I can't see it being the best move!

    So to the more civilised option transfering, i'm looking for a unit in the area which actually mobilises people instead of promising the world and delivering sweet FA. :frustrated: Also somewhere that has that little known phenomenon of retention.

    Any answers apart from the standard "its what you make of it....." welcome and appreciated.
  2. Be honest, what did you get sent to Coventry for....
  3. What reasons you looking to transfer?
  4. Current unit has crap UK ops role.

    Current unit will not mobilise people due to shortage of bods (see below)

    Retention is shite with very few trained soldiers on parade nights(think <5)

    No working rank structure, a few L/cpls, no cpls, few seniors, and psi's that are excellent but seem to be pulling there hair out with the place.

    [edited for mong spelling]
  5. Transfer to 35 Sigs Regt, probably wouldn't need to retrade, they take rifles and cam on exercise with them but your probably younger than all the comms kit they have.

    Although I suspect that your really after joining arty, inf or armd
  6. Sticky - have dropped you a PM.
  7. What polar rifles and cam???? on exercise???

    Not really bothered about the "warriness" of the unit as long as its well managed and looks after its guys. Decent mobilistaion opportunities is also a must.

    Polar check your pm's
  8. 29 MI Coy is for you then!

    They're in Stourbridge.
  9. The West Midlands is a large area and there are a number of opportunities available depending on what you want to do.

    Infantry in Kidderminster
    Engineers in Oldbury
    RAC in Dudley
    Sigs & MI in Stourbridge

    I've got contacts in most of the local units so if you want me to point you in the right direction then PM me. Wouldn't you consider Support Troop though Sticky? Seems to be a number of people moving there who are disillusioned with the other units in the regiment.
  10. You may like to try A Squadron RMLY in Dudley. It provides gunners and loaders into Challenger 2 and there are plenty of opportunities for mobilisation or attachments to their affiliated regular regiments. 01384 230166.
  11. 210 bty in Wolverhampton, are equipped with Rapier FSC, we spent half our training year doing gunner stuff and the other part taking part in infantry exercises ie Gibraltar (marble tor) and Cyprus (lion star), therefore you get the best of both worlds. Gunners also get paid more than infantry.
    If you like sports in particular football, you will be pleased to know that we have a good football team we have been the divisional champions for 5 div for the past 2 years. We also take part in cross country championships and we do a lot for charity. Last year we raised well over a thousand pounds for compton hospice and leukemia charities, by taking part in a dragon boat race and various fun runs etc.
    We also do a lot of adventure training, if you would like to know more pm me or drop down to our TA center in Fallings Park, Wolverhampton.
  12. Both are on the same pay band (high)
  13. Cheers for all the input, i've got two units that im definately interested in and a few others which are worth looking into. Any further suggestions are welcome as i want to make sure i look before i leap.

    BTW i've been well and truly ID'd (using a nickname which all of the Regiment know me by wasn't that good an idea) but stick by what i've said, and have actually left some of the more negative details out.
  14. :cyclopsani: Hey sticky liking your choice of words throughout this whole conversation, your not normally this polite.

    As you know I do agree with alot of what you have said, at least we have been mobilised now. I do have to put alot of thought into if I go back to our unit or if I should transfer to another TA unit.

    There are alot of nice ppl at our sqn who really want the place to move forward but without the progression of the LCPL's and CPLs and so on then things arent going to change. The command structure or loack of is a problem at the minute but I feel that once you become traded you are left to sort your own courses out etc ABSOLOUTELY NO DEVELOPMENT! ARGHHH!
  15. Me impolite?? never!? Just because sometimes i give things a little unvarnished which isn't always to everyones liking. The question of what to do post mobilisation for me, has been already answered: Move on, the idiom of rats leaving a sinking ship springs to mind.

    The point about development is a good one however there are other issues aside from that, which just screams bad man management. Then couple this with the current sticking plaster approach of recruiting any muppet (sorry no nice way of putting it) to boost the numbers on the books, to keep regiment happy, makes the situation even worse.