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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Based on this thread here;-


    and a whole host of other chavtastic expose’s by the press that we have discussed, I’ve got a proposal. I’ve mentioned it before and I firmly believe that it’s a good, sound idea with plenty of merit.

    Secret government death squads. They could follow the DM's "journalists" around, and quietly mop up the ubermensch. Just think about it for a minute.

    I’ve prepared a business case for you to read and digest.

    The family in that thread are costing the taxpayer minimum 20K per annum.

    Secret government death squad would be around 40K per annum per man salary (reckon a six man team would be ok), plus a few quid for guns, 9mm ammo, harry black, landrover Discovery etc. Let’s say 500k per year to finance the team for its first year. (That figure should cover a top of the range LR Disco, diesel for a year and a fair few Ginsters on expenses for the team as well)

    According to my trusty Casio FX82, if the SGDS offed five of these families every day for a week, at 20K saving to the Gov per family, the SGDS would have broken even by the end of the week one.

    I think 5 “taskings” per day is achievable. No need to stalk the mark, just keep an eye out for the burnt out Ford Sierra in the front garden, ring the door bell and start shooting.

    Allowing for a 25 day holiday period per man per annum (generous, I know - I'm of the unfashionable opinion that hard graft should be rewarded) and of course pension rights and mandatory training, at the end of week 52, the SGDS would have saved the Taxpayer 23.5 million pounds.

    Deduct from that 23.5mil figure my annual salary of 1 million per annum (I’ll be the SGDS admin manager - I’ll need a good salary due to having to spend all day on the net and reading the papers in order to plan the following weeks task plan) leaves a tidy little 22.5 mil in the governments back pocket. And that before you even begin to calculate the other savings from extra rug rats, theft, wasting of police time, the list is endless.

    Within 5 years the SGDS would have saved 125-ish million quid AND ridden us of this underclass.

    Quite frankly, I can't see anything else fixing Broken Britain

    Vote Taff49. You know it makes sense
  2. Why not set up several teams and get the job done quicker and as a final cash saving method have one team take out the others when the project is complete.
  3. 5 a day!???

    If I were to cruise the estate a few miles away I could happily average that an hour. I could probably be your employee of the month.
  4. Taff, you're obviously a Labour supporter. Yet another increase in the numbers in Public Service and a burden on the taxpayer. You gave yourself away when you mentioned pensions. I note that you've carefully omitted to admit that it's just a scheme to transfer jobseekers to a different part of the Public Purse.
  5. The Gubment says you have have 5 a day of vegetables so it is only consistent with policy?
  6. Taff, I like your thinking, where do I sign up?
  7. It could be voluntary.

    A bit like the Special Constabulary & the TA rolled into one. Expenses (food, travel, ammunition) paid. Minimum of 8 hours duty/40 kills a month. Uniform (Black C95s) and weapon (SLRs from warehouses to please the Old'n'Bold) provided free.

    No pensions.
  8. Why not make it so the death squad earns no salary from the government. Instead, once they have succesfully completed the "taskings" they get to keep all possesions in the house. Going on what the government gives these people they will have their houses furnished with plenty of goodies ready for auction
  9. I think you'll find that my amendment will remove the need for pensions.
  10. Is the "5 a day" malarkey a minimum or maximum? If it's minimum, count me in. I'll even provide my own pasties. It's not worth it if that's the maximum though.
  11. Can we also turn the stiffs into compost to keep the tree hugging lentil munching feckwits happy :)
    I'm in where do I sign :twisted:
  12. I'm in with this idea.
    But I feel that you are under-estimating the amount of work required to fully meet your targets of 5 retirements a day. Therefore I offer my services as your deputy to help share the work load. I'd only be looking at an annual salary of £500k and health benefits.

    We'll chat more at the Welsh Warrior Day in Abergavenny, yeah?
  13. SLR's aren't going to be that good for offing the untermensch in an urban setting, Sterling SMG's would be much more appropriate and would still keep us olduns happy. :D
  14. A part from the tele,Xbox etc the rest of the stuff will be worthless as it will be all cheap sh1te