Had 1st interview last week-Update>Had 2nd interview today

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hrlyndon, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Hey all,

    Had my first interview today all went well have my second interview in 9 days time.

    Thanks to all the topics and replies regarding interviews helped me out alot.

  2. Hi Holly - glad it went well for you!

    Have you got any tips? I've got mine next week.
  3. choose the Royal Signals
  4. I'll bear that in mind!

  5. Hey Soozi,

    Well it was not as bad as i thought it would be, it was very relaxed. Asked me some questions about my job selections and how my run time was. A few questions about family life and why i wanted to join the army. When i was walking up to the carrers office the guy who was supposed to interveiw me walked out and said someone else was going to interveiw me.
    Which was fine but when i was chatting to him outside i did notice he looked me up and down lol, not in a horlible way but i think he was checking out how smart i had arrived for the interview especially my shoes which luckly enough i had polished lol

    Good luck to you. let me know how you get on

  6. Get a real trade, one that is going to be useful when you get out.
  7. Be confident and chatty but be truthful, your recruiter will spot bull straight away. The more you talk about your self, family, fitness the better.

    Fully know your jobs and WHY you want them, knowing all about Phase 1,2 where your going, what you'll do there, how long etc.

    Turn up in suit or (shirt tie, trousers, polished shoes)

    Dont be cocky but relax. Turn up early
  8. Thanks guys - all advice taken on board!

    I'm confident that I know my stuff, but I've always been bad at interviews, so we shall see what happens on the day! I'm figuring the first one isn't too bad, as I've met all the men who are likely to conduct the interview before, its the second one that is bothering me!
  9. Well as i said i got my second interview in 9 days time so will let you know how it goes.

  10. I'm a Recruitment Consultant at the moment 'til I start Phase One - one tip I give my candidates who aren't too good with interviews, is take one of them smart leather folder things, you can say it's there in case you got any paperwork that needed keeping neat - the point of it is, if you keep hold of it during the interview then it's somewhere to put your hands instead of not knowing where and constantly looking fidgety, you'll also become more relaxed if you're not conciously trying to figure out what to do with your hands all the time.

    Good luck :thumright:
  11. crescent, that's an interesting idea - not occured to me before, but like it.
  12. Thanks - you'd be amazed how well it works, had one girl who botched every interview for 2 months -client feedback was always that was too nervous, I gave her one of them and she aced the next interview with the client saying she came across as confident :)

    I have NO idea what the criteria etc Military Recruiters look for, but as a civillian recruiter I can say with certaintly that being fidgety, nervous looking and always moving your hands is the single biggest reason people get turned down for jobs.

    Oh, another one is to have a weakness prepared but turn it into a positive, i.e "I never learned how to say no, but on the other hand because I've had to deal with large workloads because of this, I have excellent prioritisation and organisational skills." <-- Works a treat, that one ;)

    If anyone actually wants some proper interview advice, I'd be more than happy to go through some bits with you.
  13. When I conducted the recruiter interviews it is very noticable how nervous people get and you might get away with having something in your hand with some of the recruiters but most would get you to put the book down. I had quite a few similar cases and the young lad/lass were always fidgetting and looking around the office as your trying to interview them. To try and get them more at ease and to keep their hands still I suggested they kept there hands fixed firmly to their knees or in one case got him to sit on his hand. I also suggested they kept focussed on the recruiter and not look around the rooms. Just remember the more you talk about yourself and are chatty the more confident you will be. Recruiters do understand a lot of you are youngsters and will advise you of any problem areas and where you need to improve, as crescent will probably agree with me most civvy interviews you wont get feed back on how you interviewed but your recruiter will let you know your strenghts and weeknesses.
  14. Aye that's another one I forgot to mention, candidates' eyes darting around the room like they've been suddenly plunged into a strange forest or something :)

    You're dead on, the vast majority of civillian employers are absolute cnuts in suits - as a Consultant I make sure I get feedback on ALL my candidates and pass it on, but generally speaking when you interview with a company dierectly you won't get feedback, which is a real shame I think.

    Probably, (I would have thought anyway, THE_IRON?) it's because once you fail a civillian interview the ex-potential employer has no further use of you and won't 'waste' time, whereas if you perform badly in a military interview there's every motivation still for the recruiter to guide you and advise you on how to perform better next time.

    Oh - and don't be afraid to accept the cup of water offered to you, it's much easier on yourself if your mouth doesn't dry up completely due to nerves - all little things, but it's a lot of little things off your mind and it allows you to focus, relax, and come across as a confident person.
  15. Exactly right, i had some people who were absolutely terrible at first interviews but with a bit of coaching all passed with flying colours eventually. Good luck everyone and if needed sit in front of work colleagues, careers teachers and have mock nterviews fist. Good luck everyone