hacks spread AIDS says Russian HIV boss

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by codbutt, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Journalists Help Spread HIV

    Journalists and homosexuals top the list of social groups that most actively contract and transmit HIV, Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the Federal Center to Fight AIDS, told the Novy Region news agency on Thursday.

    He added that the most risky groups where the ones where homosexuals have the opportunity to actively socialise, and he also mentioned policemen, doctors and show-business figures as risk groups.

    Pokrovsky said, however, that public perception about high rates of HIV among the homeless had been proven wrong.

    "Bums don't have sex lives, and they have no money for injectable drugs," he said.
  2. .Contradiction
  3. "Bums don't have sex lives"? Isn't that one of the main ways it's spread in the first place?

    [tinfoil]A State employee in Putin's Russia demonising journalists, eh? Well, I never... [/tinfoil]
  4. Vadim Pokrovsky is a scientist, a member of Russian medical academy. He tells about his observations, that's all.

    It is the original of the article


    He said in the interview that as for American medics then there are relatively many cases of AIDS. Initially it was thought that AIDS patients who are ill caused it. But real cause is a big percent of homosexuals among American medics.
  5. Ah good old disinformatskaya...you must be soo nostalgic for the Cold War days. Remember those old blasts from the past? International Zionist capitalist conspiracy? That was very popular. Queuing all day to buy half a kilo of spuds! That was number one for a very long time...

    Don't worry, I am obviously a media running dog of homosexual American imperialists. Don't mind me Sergei...
  6. Dear Cddles, I don't see any problems with you. Our friends are interesting in opinion of respected Russian academic. As too few know Russian then I translated one his observation.

    Homosexuals exist, it is reality and they prefer some professions. There are many of them among journalists, for example (in many countries including Russia). In USA there are many homosexual medics. I don't see anything special here.
  7. Ho Ho Ho, Sergey you are better than this response - or is there no hope for Mother Russia and the West?

    PS. have you seen the '1612' movie yet? Even in China it is being interpreted as the call to arms of 'Putin the New Tsar'.
  8. It's really a shame that

    How are you so certain about this sergey? Also, if being a medic is a homosexual preference, would it not be logical that then russia has an equal amount of gay medics?

    Why would the media be singled out? If you said the fashion industry I may agree with you, but media? Give me a break.

    It's a very obvious and lame attempt to discredit western media. Most Russians are smart enough to realize that it's bullshit.

    Do you seriously believe that Sergey?
  9. I thought it was blowsy Russian hookers that spread AIDS (in Mayfair, at any rate).
  10. Journos spread AIDS?

    How can shagging a blow up doll in a hotel room spread AIDS?
  11. They don't wash it out after the last bloke.
  12. Homos do prefer certain professions - most Soviet spies of the 50s and 60s were fond of the chocolate speedway...
  13. Wasn´t it an airsteward that spread Aids around in the early ´80´s,a Canadian I think;He went to gay parties all over the world where the guests were mainly young yuppy types.Journalists do tend to travel quite a bit,and if they´re half as horny as some of the female ones that used to visit NI,then yes there might be a grain of truth in what the Ruski said. :twisted:

    OTT perhaps but not totally wrong or PC!