Hackney !

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by One_of_the_strange, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. 3 MI got the Freedom of Hackney today - anyone else there ?

    Best. Weekend. Ever.

    Now I'm off for a lie down and to let my liver have a little cry. No links yet but I'm sure something will turn up.
  2. No offence mate but Hackney is a shitehole.
  3. true u dont need int to know that
  4. I guess some colleagues decided to kick of the G20 fringe already? Well done,!

    I hear there are going to be a number of aligned events during the week.
  5. could be worse. you could have been given the freedom of Merthyr Tydfil.

    now that IS a shithole :)
  6. As someone born and bred in Hackney, I take personal offence to your view. Hackney is much worse than a sh1thole.
    In all honesty, any weekend is good in Hackney if you make it home without being mugged or shot.
  7. Yes but in Merthyr Tydfil , if you are under 25 you are probably going home to top yourself anyway!

    In Cluttons they reckon that 'Ackney is the new 'Ampstead
  8. No thats Bridgend.

    Call yourself Int? :roll:

  9. Hackney love it.

    few years back I had just done one of those ataff officers security courses where they show you all the different types of fence and wall for barracks security, and try and impress you with tales of daring do by "Them" who had attempted to get through/over the obstacles.

    Well visiting my brother who lived in the Soviet Republic of Hackney I spotted my first bit of special security fencing (took 30 secs for "Them" to get over with special kit) surrounding the local Primary School what were they teaching them for that sort of security.
  10. Could be even worse than Merthyr or Bridgend, it could be the Freedom of Sleaford, now there is a sh!tehole. Swinging from a rope is much more appealing than living there :twisted:

  11. ...which is why the conferral of the right to enter it "bearing arms" to a Bn based there is quite handy.
  12. I couldn't agree more. Yep, Sleaford would be the nadir of all freedoms. And just down the road from Skegness too, which is also very shite as the Mablethorpe Tourist Board are more than happy to point out!

    As for Hackney, I would rather spend a night out round there than many other places. I'm sure it takes in some good sites....... or is that Tower Hamlets. :wink:
  13. Don't slag Sleaford off! You'll make ad asstra cross. After all, it is his old alma mater. :wink:
  14. Do you need "old" with Alma Mater (lit:Nourishing Mother) usually defined as the School or University from which one graduated?

    Given the Latin influence I shall eschew the usual taxi in favour of collecting my toga on the way to the omnibus. :)
  15. Sleaford, I believe I can trump that and raise you a Burnley in Lancashire. Woeful football team, psychotic fans, headcases on every street corner and these are its good points.