Hackles Raised

Here is an article from the times online:

General's Hackles Raised

It is longer than the version in the print edition.

What a surprise that a retired General is speaking out about the new formation ofteh Royal Regiment of Scotland, which is now going to have one headdress for No1 and No2 Dress. He was happy when the Black Watch were going to be untouched, but the RS and KOSB were going to be pained, now the BW are in the firing line he's come out all indignant... or is it now that he's a civilian he can?
Labour ministers reneging on an agreement and letting down the military - fancy that!

I doubt POD will be very interested - he's got what he wanted - see the press release on the amalgamations: 'There are no changes to... The Parachute Regiment'. In any case, he's been very obviously toeing the govt's line recently.
Stabbed in the back Sir Alistair?

Oh dear, maybe you should have read Arrse.
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