Hacking the FaceParty walts site

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. If you haven't been to the NAAFI forum for the last few days - We've found a fair few walts but one of them has password protected his site. The guy is a complete knob living in a fantasy 2Para world. We've tried the most obvious passwords (thats assuming it wasn't generated for him) such as airborn, 2para, parachute etc ....

    ARRSE - Face Party walts

    Right so what I'm asking is - can we all work together to crack his site????

    From installing a proxy on my machine I've found the site (host) is using Server: Apache/2.0.50 (Linux/SUSE) Don't think will help (at the mo) but ...
  2. Oops forgot to mention the site in question

    Mike Golden - 2 Para wannabe chav

    Just done a little checking and he would have been asked to enter his own password....

    Its not his service number - thought I was on a winner with that :twisted:
  3. You mean can someone who knows what they are doing get the password for you.... :wink:

    PM BFG 9000
  4. I've just tried that one aswell....
    been trying the likes of "paratillidie" or "A1para" or "sexypara"....the fella must be a narcissist!
    I will endevour to make this my work for however long it takes :)
  5. Have tried every word on his website and friend/family names. Maybe a pet name or school?
  6. has anyone tried anything alpha numeric yet
  7. People,

    Fair enough i started it, but this thread is for the Bleeps - take the randomness back to the NAAFI and leave the Sigs to it.
  8. we are not bleeps we are scaleys, plod. :wink:
  9. I can think of better words for you :D
  10. Handsome, charming witty. Enough to turn a man the other way
  11. Too risky. You never know when the CDT blokes will appear.
  12. How did you know thats what i was thinking?
  13. I don't think he will be clever enough, I'm thinking his ego will have gone for something sounding hard, he may have been daft enough to make it military but also he could have gone for something personel (like girlfriend).

    Wonder if the site admins picked up the numerous attempts at guessing the password, at least they're coming from different IP's? I'd give three attempts then stop validating the password and always say it was wrong...

    The server responded very slowly when I tried entering SAS (although it was my 20th odd attempt)
  14. Laydies, please. Get a room. I cannot cope with the vision of the helium thief bare-butt-wrestling with the bloke that pushed me.

    My eyes! My eyes!!!!
  15. Polar you arent doing anything overly technical or clever, whats your trade?