Hacking Scandal

I can't believe an infamous ex-military intelligence officer(or should it be cpl?) thinks that he too, along with many other really famous and interesting people, has had his phone hacked. He joins the really interesting wife of an ex Welsh minster, who amazingly also has revealed her phone was hacked! Wait, wait, I think my phone's just been hacked aaahhh!
Wasn't there a tradition in some very civilised ancient nations to cut out tongues and insert a red hot poker up the bottoms of mad people? Or is that just wishful thinking?
An Chara

You are about three months behind the curve here mucker, Stakeknife: Ian Hurst -Martin Ingram, Hacking: Formal criminal investigation Can't they afford a tv license in your Golf Club?

I met the Arts and Culture editor of An Phoblacht at his Hunting Lodge the other week. He has been told by the police ombudsman that his answerphone was hacked many years back by some celebrity crooners known as the "Rat Pack".

Well known for their performances on the North Antrim and Cherry Valley concert circuit, the New Forge car park after closing time and some memorable stretches in residence at the Tithe Barn.

Hey nonny nonny, where's my plectrum ?
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