Hackers attack South Korea - North Korea sabre rattling?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cornish-WAFU, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Sorry if done elsewhere but search didnt show anInteresting development in SK, has Kim Jong-un decided that hackers are cheaper and more effective for sabre rattling then denotating bombs in his backyard?South Korean banks and broadcasters paralysed by hackers - Telegraph Is this a sign of things to come? in the future rather then trying to bomb a populous into surrender (ala Luftwaffe 1939-41ish, RAF Dresden, US Hiroshima/Nagasaki) - will an aggressor be able to so disturb and stop a nations normal pattern of life to such a degree that their will to fight is broken?
  2. I doubt it. Whilst it will almost certainly be a part of future wars, if carpet bombing can't force a surrender I can't see that losing computers is going to do it.

    Besides, a few Tomahawks into telephone exchanges in the hacker's host country will slow down their ability to wreak havoc somewhat.
  3. True, I believe there is potential to if not break a nations will to fight then at least break its ability to function, for people to use their bank/credit card to get their weekly shop, for trains to run on time (we struggle already), supply electricity to its people (although with the way we import electricity from france/gas for our power stations we're already stuffed) pay its armed forces (although that would certainly help the governments cost cutting ideas). So actually they couldnt make things worse - I therefore conclude our country is defended against that threat should the thread be closed now?
  4. Programme on Radio 4 last week about some Commons Select Committee asking questions to so Professors’ and IT gurus .

    Statement from one of the Professors was along the lines…
    ‘Al-Qaeda are too stupid to know how to do it but China knows it would be stupid to do it”
    Went on about it is easy to hack into a bank account but harder to do so into say the London Underground and turn it off BUT not impossible for a player like China. However they need us just as much as we need them so wont be doing it in the near future.
  5. Well thats sort of reassuring - kind of like saying yes your neighbour has a gun and could shoot you but as we needs to borrow your lawnmower he won't (and the rest of the neighbourhood would not be best pleased to find someone shooting people willy nilly).However in that case you would buy a gun just to be able to defend yourself - i assume and hope (we have the capability to protect ourselves and launch some form of counter offensive. Obviously we have Tomahawks but T assume these will be cyber assaults would be cold war spy style covert attacks and therefore a response would need to be similarly sly and underhand - and ideally not tracable to source!
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  6. I'm thinking of hacking into the North Korean War ministries mainframe, does anyone still have a Sinclair ZX81 going spare?
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  7. The trouble with that is that the hacker's host country might be an entirely innocent third party. IIRC, the Google Aurora attacks originated from ISPs in multiple countries, including the US and RoK.

    Under those conditions, retaliation by military means is a guarantee of expanding the war with unforeseeable consequences.
  8. The MPs were rabbiting on about cost and risk and the IT/ BT gurus replying that.

    Well we actualy do know the risks involved its our job and it is not somethng you can fix with a bandaid.
  9. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    The big issue at the moment is Cyber is populated by techs and geeks. It really needs Warfighters to become involved. They don't need the full skill set but it needs people who can plan and run operations to control the techs - some of whom do things because they can and are not the best at second and third order effects.

    But it is not punchy and sexy so (in the RN world) we continue to send Engineering Officers and Ratings to Cyber and the PWO's who express an interest are looked at funny - I mean what kind of warfare doesn't involve shouting "ENGAGE"
  10. Hench the US have developed Cruise missiles capable of firing an EMP-type focussed microwave accurately at installations. The hospital next door is preserved; the Telecoms centre next door is fried. A particularly sexy bit of geekery.
    Boeing Perfects the EMP/DEW With CHAMP Missile 10/24/12 - YouTube