Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sapukay, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. By the website, it says that the HAC is open for potential recruits the first Tuesday of every month (i.e. next Tuesday). Is this correct?
  2. Yes that is correct.

    You will need to be there on time (I think for 1800), and dressed in a suit and tie. (or if female the equiviant) No jeans, t-shirt trainers etc.

    You will be given a brief tour of the location, a presentation show and told what the Regt can offer to you, and then be shown into the bar and asked what you can offer the Regt.

    Dont be fooled, it may look like an old drinking club when you turn up, but they soldier harder than they play.
  3. 1900 by the w/s?
  4. If it says 1900 on the website then that is correct. It is some time since I did a PR evening.
    And yes it is next Tuesday.
  5. Met a few HAC and had a medic from them in Kosovo.They are really really good , always on the lash
    and quite a few characters in there ranks .By far the best TA unit i have come across .And i am a Reg.
  6. I have heard very good things about them too. Is it true they have the same ranks as guards regiments ? do they have lance and gold sergeants ? Also i seem to remeber talking to a Grenadier C/SGT (regular) who was attached to them and had nothing but praise for them.
  7. Our rank structure is based on the Grenadier Guards.

    CSgt (Pay Sgt for a Sqn Q bloke)

  8. Do the Grenadier Guards have Troopers?

    Thought it was Guardsman
  9. I know, the Trooper bit comes from the other Regt that we get our PSI's from.
  10. The old classic "other Regt".
  11. Would that not be Gunner?...

  12. Yawn.....

    You did ask, If you dont like the answer no need to take the pish. :roll:

    Gunner......Ah NO!
  13. On the piss with said psi and a few HAC in north Devon about 3 years ago .
    Cannot remember the name of the camp near bideford .A good night .
  14. HAC are a great bunch of guys on the urine. I have and shall continue to support the HAC Balls - thoroughly entertaining evenings.

    Was also entertained by them whilest at Brecon. Good NCO's.