Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by messym, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Deleted, got the response I needed.

    Many thanks.
  2. With an army number like that they'll snap you up - particularly as they are probably a bit short on professional legal types.

    Seriously though. don't contact them officially - just give them a call. You'll get a straight answer.
  3. Hello There,

    As an ex-HACer I commend you on your choice! You understand, of course, that you would have to start from the very begining again (as even a fully commisioned bloke would). But something as trivial as that ain't going to put you off - no, not you sir! Age is a minor issue, but the HAC is mainly more mature than average, and they are short of blokes ,and all units seem to be relaxing the age requirements.

    Best of luck mate. AS the last poster said don't bother with any formal representations just give them a call and take it from there. When you pass PSC, 2 sqn is the only way to go!

    Nils Secundis!
  4. Hi,

    Have you thought about 70 Essex Yeomanry Sigs also based in Chelmsford?

    Could be interesting? Why not pop down one Tuesday and see for yourself?

    They have a pretty good rep in the area (I'm slightly biased!) but ask if your not sure.....

  5. On the back of the original posters query, I too am looking to transfer to the HAC (depending on how things go at my current unit) which will mean a bit of a schlep on parade nights.

    Anyone got any advice? I'm currently in the scalies and will be a traded bleeper very soon but would probably prefer something a little more challenging (like patrolman, provided I can get my fitness levels up to scratch).
  6. Thanks for the advice!
  7. From what I know courtesy of 5RA, they have a basic TA recuits course and a 'patrol' course - often referred to as 'patrol selection'. (not to be confused..but the same said PSI's run it for the HAC)

    Pass that and your into the sabre patrols...and onto advanced patrol course and specialist cadres. (medics, signallers, skill at arms, driving etc..)

    the non patrol biffs can still wash potts, talk on telephones and drive the cars in the HQ element

    The lot I've met all did the regular urban surveillance course for telic ....and are now preparing for a Liason Officer role out in Afghanistanland...the old and bold patrol soldiers pass into the 'Liason Troop' and dribble into their Pimms

    (Dont know about the Morse)
  8. messym,

    Morse no longer a requirement.

    All the best!
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Having been in both your local TA infantry Regt and the HAC. You are right to consider the HAC. Good luck, act quickly. The RHQ number is 020 7606 2521


    More info here.
  10. QRK2 is spot on. And yes, Morse has gone mag-to-grid.

    I've PM'd you some numbers

  11. and PM RSi, as a cut of the recruiting bonus will see you through a drill supper or two. ex-KEGS perchance ?.
  12. Messym

    32 is not a problem - although that is the upper limit for new recruits, your previous military service buys you a few more years. If you haven't already called, the Recruit Clerk is on 020 7448 0703.


    My 2p worth is to get a trade and then transfer to the HAC. If you have a specialist bleep qual, you should talk to the Sig Sqn first to see if there is a fit. Otherwise, use the number as above and book yourself on the next HAC recruit course after you get traded.
  13. Not just yet - but I may have to consider selling this id to my successor :D