Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brokerboy, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Are the Honourable Artillery Company considered special forces ?
  2. There about 115 threads on this subject already. Why not read them and leave the rest of us in peace?
  3. Bore off you clown, i've just had a mate join them and tell me they are, was just wondering , thats all.
  4. Sorry ,were you forced to view, then answer this thread ? cock.
  5. he might want to shut his trap until he's at least got through the recruits course
  6. And you know what he's said to me how exactly ?
  7. They're TA, therefore civies, therefore not even soldiers let alone 'special' soldiers!

    STAB-baiting aside, RAF Regt are more special forces than HAC, sunshine!
  8. You are depriving your village of an idiot.

    I think you are telling fibs, you have no mates.
  9. Brokerboy, go and take a long walk off a short pier, there's a buddy.
  10. To the OP. Who's the ******* clown now, shitlips? That's you that is.
  11. HAC have better p*ss ups though!
  12. Why ? because a couple of your sad mates have decided to give me pointless abuse from behind the safety of a keyboard , get a life .
  13. But being further away from the NAAFI than the sick pony club wannabes, they don't get as much NAAFI bird clunge and pies!

    I have no idea why I am saying that as a good thing...
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  14. Good point and well argued, but you're still a bit of a tit.