Bore off you clown, i've just had a mate join them and tell me they are, was just wondering , thats all.
You are depriving your village of an idiot.

I think you are telling fibs, you have no mates.
Why ? because a couple of your sad mates have decided to give me pointless abuse from behind the safety of a keyboard , get a life .
Good point and well argued, but you're still a bit of a tit.
To answer this without "im a self-rightous" twat attitude, I believe they were once came under the SF director or something. Im not 100% but clearly every time wasting bore feels the need to add his bit so i may as well.
But being further away from the NAAFI than the sick pony club wannabes, they don't get as much NAAFI bird clunge and pies!

I have no idea why I am saying that as a good thing...
Yea but loads of posh totty show up at their do's.

A lot of them are right dirty bitches.....................................

Don't remember the pies, but all pies are shite down south.
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