HAC ? wots that about ?



I'm thinking of joining the TA, one of the regiments near where I work is the HAC.  I've got one of their recruiting leaflets but does anybody here have any hints on what it's really like ? It looks like fun but the commitment seems quite a lot and I don't fancy wasting my time as I'm busy at work.

(I haven't been in the army before)
Alternatively there is the London Scottish in Victoria or any of the other units within the London Regt - if you fancy doing the infantry thing.

HAC is split into two distinct areas - the gun troops and the Squadrons.

Gun troops get to lift about 105mm light guns and is has a lesser commitment than the squadrons.

Squadrons do forward observation tasks and sometimes play with SF.  Much higher training and commitment required, as well as having to pass a serious selection and recruit training course.

Have a look on the TA site, and see what other units within London, or where you commute in from are of interest.

However, if you can't hack anything else go and be a jacket :p :p ;D


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From bitter experience, be very wary of joining a unit near where you work, rather than wher you live.

It's OK for drill nights, but a bugger at weekends when you are left to get home on public transport with your kit on a sunday - or bring your car into work, and pay.

Anyway, the HAC are a weird bunch.  Join something normal, or, failing that, the RGJ.  There's plenty of sensible Sigs and other Units around.  Apart from anything else, they'll have more totty in them :D

No one seems to have mentioned the other consideration when joining the HAC....

How much do you earn civvyside?  ;D

O_S offers sound advice, go for a TAC near where you live. Driving home is tough enough after some weekends, never mind trying to get on the tube with a bergan.

Have you considered what you want to do in the TA? If you want to be infantry, plenty of units around,personally , I'd go for Heroic defenders of democracy in the Balham area  ;D
You lot need a proper hackle - a nice red one, not the pink thing you end up with after it rains ;D ;D ;D ;D
most of the people i know of in the HAC tend to have salaries somewhere around the 60K a year mark for some weird reason, one of the Sqn Commanders from my Regiment has just landed the PSAO job there and he is worth millions, quite why anyone with that sort of money would want to do the job i am not too sure, but knowing how strange they are in the HAC it would seem he will fit right in there :D
Tis a proper hackle, dipped in the blood of Frenchmen
(Copyright: Urban Regimental Myths to make you feel better)  ;D

SamBoy, go and do a look at life with any unit you want to join , spend a Tuesday night in the bar talking to others in the recruit cadre, to see how they feel, Ask them how many have dropped out in basic.

Lastly , examine your motivation. Things are going to get pretty hot fairly soon.... Are you prepared to go to war?

I don't question my  motivation, it's got a big vault, with Banco de Baghdad over the front door, and planning is ongoing  ;D


Tis a proper hackle;D
You want to see the KOSB meeting RRF somewhere near Berwick-upon-Tweed; the Borderers start doing their impressions of circus ponies and neighing, and then the fun starts........


Thanks guys - maybe the greenjackets would be better. But your answers are a bit confusing.  I quite fancy something challenging; if it's worth it I am prepared to make the effort with time, weekends away and such like. But what are MTDs Mr Happy ?  What do you mean about 'problems with its training' ?  Does that mean the training is rubbish ? I don't understand  ?  Why are they all weirdos - is it a real TA unit or what ?  I'm confused.

Challenging and Green Jackets don't go in the same sentence......

Their is always the RM(R) near London Bridge.  

Best bet is to look at the TA site and the other reserve forces, though if you fancy challenging you could always try for 21 (artists rifles ) SAS (TA)

PtP - its not a proper hackle cos you've got a bit of white still showing on it (lack of commitment or what)...... ;D
PtP - its not a proper hackle cos you've got a bit of white still showing on it (lack of commitment or what
I understand we ran out of dead frenchies to dip the hackles in... :)

....and Gravel, ur right...

Mind you, last time I fought a pitched battle up in those parts, it was against civpop

<<<<<Wonders why Penrith isn't on the Battle Honours.
Samboy, don't listen to the propaganda. The HAC is an excellent regiment with a unique (in the TA and pretty much in the Regs too) role. It is slightly different from the rest true, but in the best possible of ways. The training commitment is the same throughout the regt. Squadrons or guns.

Being located in a single place the HAC has a lot more corporate identity than some regiments who never really get together.

Oh and on top of that members of the regt get free membership of the Moorgate Holmes Place which is pretty awesome. Oh and the ball, best in London. Oh and probably one of the best Rugby pitches in London.

There are lots of myths about the HAC, the best I heard was that it was a punishment battalion for naughty officers. But that, like the idea that you have to be heir to half of Yorkshire, is not true.

Message me and I will give you some more details on who to talk to etc.

On the other hand if you want to join the Infantry, crack on.

Mr Happy

Samboy, RGJ or similar units in London offer loads of options but near to work is not the best idea.

It's not the effort or time now, it's the effort or time for the next 20 years or however long you wish to stay in.  The HAC demands soooo much time from its chaps that people burn out quite quickly.  Training is practically non-existent at the moment as they suffer from lack of man-training-days (MTD's) and therefore are spending the remaining on ceremonial work like tower of london gun salutes, parades for the lord mayor, that sort of thing.

All Wierdo's?  Not at all, just many of them.  I recall one recruits course being 50% Etonians and about 20% Harrovians though.  If I was told and remember correctly both WW's saw the entire regiment (less the non wierdo's) commissioned on the spot and sent to training battalions.

Oh yes, and their annual camps for the past 5 years have been s*h*i*t*e.    Ask anyone about Bulgaria... or the food in the Netherlands or Scotland on a grey boat, or .....
I had a look at the HAC some years ago. Decided not to join the TA at that time, due to other commitments, and later joined my present unit. However they seemed friendly enough, although anyone who doesn't take his drinking very, very  seriously might feel out of place  :)

Have the HAC ever been mobilized of late?


A brilliant regiment, certainly full of mavericks (weirdos), some of the best training you will find anywhere, but currently being torn apart by under-resourcing and senior officers who couldn't give a sh*t.

A good place to be though if you are scared of going to war though as they will never be mobilised in a million years - though I think their press officer (their 1 female officer) has been called up.



A good place to be though if you are scared of going to war though as they will never be mobilised in a million years

And what's your basis for saying that ?
The Horrible Artillery Company.  

I had thought of transfering at one time but decided against it for two main reasons:

1) I would have had to resign my commission & start again.

2) A few prats from work were there already.

In the end I joined the HAC Saddle Club riding at the Royal Mews in the Queen's indoor riding school.  Top location with plenty of posh totty.


Gas - if resigning your commission wasn't for you, then I doubt that joining would have been your cup of tea - clearly not enough of the right sort of motivation.

There has been an awful lot of tosh written about the HAC in these posts.

If anyone wants to know the reality, including the mobilisation issue, send me a message.

Samboy, the best advice I can give you is to forget the preconceived and highly erroneous ideas that have been put forward and try out the HAC - there is a presentation for potential recruits once a month and this will give you the real info - you can message me for the contact details.

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