HAC RSigs support

Just seen a signal asking for volunteers for HAC camp, seemed to be asking for signallers. Anyone know any any more? (please PM me, am thinking about volunteering but don't want to do jiff jobs or take someone elses place if their better suited to it)
The_GreyMan said:
Bored at work then Polar, youve just done your annual trg
I just miss Stalag F so much, plus its a chance to get hands on with the new kit... although we are only getting Bowman HF Manpack :cry: next year
The_GreyMan said:
Madness truly, madness
I've had a few PM's and the HAC thing is growing on me .... hmm patrols with rifle radio and bergan a little similar to old times (alright I know the FFR is 'me' place :D )

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