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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Yes-Sir, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. I realise the HAC runs its own recruit selection courses unlike most other TA units do through RTCs.

    Is the HAC assessment weekend the same/similar to TARS?
    Is the 6-month Recruit Selection course Mod 1 & Mod 2 rolled into one?

    What are the PSC activities (marches, runs)/requirements?

    On this point I've read 8 miles in 2 hours with 25Kg, 9:30min for risk reduction, 60 situps/pressups in 2 minutes for the start of Recruit Selection (which seems prudent) but can't see any details on what times are expected to start PSC & what you actually do in PSC.

    I've had a good read of ARRSE, HAC, Army without joy so please don't flame me - I just want to learn from the guys who know.
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    pm Carlos_Hathcock on here - go to "subject matter experts" on the TA forum stickies for the link.

    Go on, Msr didn't just put it there for the good of his health!
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Check PMs.
  4. I may be being particularly dense Duke, but I can't for the life of me find "subject matter experts" in the the TA forum stickies?
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  6. Get fit.

    Ignore the knockers, there are some good blokes there with some top DS.

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  9. Right...

    I will try to answer what I can....

    HAC Assesment Weekend, yes it is similar to the TARS weekend however it is more role/Regt specific than a normal TARS weekend. You are also expected to pass the fitness tests at a higher level than on a normal TARS weekend. If you have already attended a normal TARS weekend and passed then well done, but you will still have to attend the Assesment Weekend.

    HAC Recruits... Mod 1 and Mod 2..... Hmmm It isnt either. Mod 1 and Mod 2 sounds like you are an Officer Cadet/PO in another unit. HAC Recruits is just that, recurits course. If it was Mod1&2 then you would be semi qualified to be a TA Officer and the HAC Recruits Course does a lot of things but that is not one of them.

    PSC activites.... well in all honesty I would have to tell you to not worry about it, pass the recurits course first then you will be given the info you will need about the exact tests and be able to work towards them far eaiser than if I throw some figures at you now and they could put you off. It is a hard course, I will rephase, it is a VERY hard course but not impossible. You will have to do alot of individual marches and moves carrying a lot of weight, that is why the Recruits Course is in house, it is designed to get you up to speed fitness wise and navagationally. The airbourne 10miler is also used as a pass/fail test. Then there is the Brecon March, aprox 45km, 55lbs in 12-15 hours. It has been done in about 7.5 I think.

    Get fit, get on the Assesment Weekend and pass it, get on the Recruits Course and pass that then worry about the PSC.

    By the sounds of some of your questions, are you already in the TA?

    If you want pm me.
  10. Bailey, Carlos_Hathcock_II, Ravers, I'm actually in limbo. I have passed TARS but cannot start Mod 1 for many months. I'm a bit frustrated by this wait in particular on top of the legitimate length of time from officer training if I pass AOSB Board to commissioning; basically I want to get to Afghan before the politicans hoist the white flags (who knows what will happen in 2.5 years).

    I'm keen to be an officer because it's a contrast to my solitary job and would love the challenge of literally 'serving to lead' (a diametric opposite of my job!). However, this wait vs the camraderie offered in being a trooper (HAC is pretty close to me & would like the extra fitness requirements), which being an officer would lack to an extent, and believeing being in the ranks would make me a better officer (if capable), leads me to think I might like to try for the HAC.

    Very interesting colour on DETAPOs being now eligible for the HAC, but I'd still be left with the timeline.
  11. Errr hang on

    DETAPOS are not allowed in the HAC. Already commissioned officers are allowed to go on the PSC in their own units capbadge and if they pass they are then offered a place and a transfer. Not passing the PSC means going back to your unit NOT moving to another part of the HAC as an officer.

    What happens is this.

    You join a unit (LDTRC as you are a DETAPO) you go on Mod 1, Mod 2, TACC, Mod 5 then you apply to transfer to the HAC. You then go on PSC.

    There are three grades you can get at the end of the course, and for the entire course you WILL NOT WEAR A HAC BERET but the beret of what ever unit you originally joined.

    The grades are...

    Pass (Officer) which means you have shown you have what it takes to be a STA soldier AND an STA officer. You will then be offered a place as an officer in a patrol sqn, wearing the HAC beret.

    Pass (Soldier) which means you showed enough ability to pass as a STA soldier but NOT as an officer, you will then be offered a place in a patrol sqn as a soldier, meaning you will have to resign your commission. You will not be allowed to move instead to a non patrol sqn and keep your commission.

    Fail. Speaks for itself.

    If you obtain a soldiers pass there is nothing stopping you from joining a patrol sqn and in time reapplying through the Regt to regain your commission, as long as the Regt aggrees you will, if they dont think you 'have it' then you will not even though you have already passed briefing and Sandhurst.

    Given your scores I would not think you have much of a hope on passing the PSC unless you get a whole lot fitter.

    Also you have just missed the Assesment Weekend for this year (2 weeks ago) so the next one is in March/April I believe. Use the time to get fit.

    I would if I were you contact the Recruiting Officer there and talk to him as both Bailey and myself are elsewhere in the Regt and not 100% ofay on the currant recruiting requirements and dates.

    Even if you join the HAC as a soldier it will be a year and a half before you are able/trained to go to Afgan/Iraq.

    There is a HAC WO2 at LDRTC who is the CSM Officer Trg so if you have any more questions ask him. Or you can still post on here.....
  12. Carlos_Hathcock_II, thanks for the prompt reply and further info. Agreed on my fitness, as I say keen to & working on getting it much better.
  13. And ...... don't say Yes. A quaint regimental custom.