HAC Open Evening - 19th May

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Deadreckon, May 1, 2009.

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  1. It appears the HAC are having an open day again. I believe its an all London units affair (but I stand open to correction) but judging by the flyer its a very HAC centric affair.

    Like all things Army they appear to have taken the hush hush approach to promotion. They'll probably have a notice in the London Gazette or some such. :roll:
  2. The offside rear tyre on that lanny needs a bit more air in it.......
  3. The Rover shows blokes from the Londons.
  4. Are you sure? The bloke on the .50 is definitely HAC - also seen here:


    Not saying LONDONS didn't have people in the BRF but I find it unlikely, there are of course more than a few ex-LONDONS (and ex RGJ) in the HAC.
  5. How come their Rovers don't have military number plates? If it's a ploy to outfox speed cameras, they'd be well advised to remove the "SPARTAN" plates too.
  6. Very pretty!
  7. Do these people ever stop shamelessly advertising themselves? For a regiment with a cold war era role that is largely irrevelant in modern operational theatres, they love their publicity.
  8. Meoww!
  9. that's a joint Brownlove 4/73 patrol from last year
  10. Yup. I recognise the Fijiian. He turned up to catch his flight back to Afghan after R&R (along with other 4/73) looking the same as in the above pic, complete with dusty, unwashed dessies and knee pads, which incidentally where useful whilst kneeling and asking god to make the aircraft arrive on time. Bell ends.
  11. How prey tell is the HAC largely irrevelant (sic) in the modern operation theatre?

    You don't still think they are trying to play hide and seek with the 3rd Shock Army do you?
  12. Presumably he thinks they're out there waiting for the Russians to turn up via the back door. :wink:

    According to this site 47/3 (whatever about the HAC) have certainly got a role and are not shy at getting stuck in.
  13. DidI say The Londons?

    Sorry - I meant, "London".
  14. correct.