HAC Open Day - Potential Recruits and (probably) transferees

Mr Happy

Hi All,

The Honourable Artillery Company based in central London is holding an open evening on Tuesday 20th May 5.30 - 8.30pm.

The flyer info http://www.army.mod.uk/linkedfiles/hac/hacopenday200508.pdf is below and aimed at new recruits but for those of you already in and considering a new unit, maybe the HAC can provide a new challenge or opportunity for you. PM me if interested in more. The evening is open so you can just pop along if you like.

Come and experience Army life at our Open Evening on 20th May to
celebrate 100 years of service to the Capital and learn more about
the British Army’s oldest Territorial Army Regiment.
• Military Displays by the HAC Squadrons
• Chinook and Apache helicopters
• Guns of the King’s Troop
• Dog Display
• Sports and Social events at the HAC
• Hog Roast and Bars

The Honourable Artillery Company is a Territorial Army regiment of
the British Army. It has around 300 soldiers, all civilians, who give up
their spare time to train in one of the Army’s top regiments. The HAC
provides Surveillance and Target Acquisition patrols, and performs
ceremonial duties at London’s top landmarks.

If you have any queries contact us at 07894 660 135 or
hacrecruiting@hac.org.uk or visit www.hac.org.uk.
We look forward to telling you about life in the TA and the showing
you around the Honourable Artillery Company.

Where to find us:
Honourable Artillery
Armoury House
City Road
Come and visit us on
Tuesday 20th May
5.30pm – 8.30pm
www.hac.org.uk has a little video attached to it as well.

In addition, if there are any ex-reg's missing life in green or sand, (like I did when I joined xx years ago) then you could do a lot worse than taking a look at the HAC.

The HAC has a 3 patrol squadrons trained to a very high level in long range patrolling and quite a lot of the sexier stuff including night time landing on rough airfield for hercules transport aircraft, deployment of vehicles from the same. Urban and field work. Dead letter drops, Observation posts (from hotel rooms to sub surface ops), working alongside RN and RAF and US assets. The chance to do regular courses not normally open to Territorials and of course deployments either on an IR basis or as part of a formed unit. Apart from the patrol squadrons there is an HQ Sqn with REME, Int, chefs, MT etc and a Signals Sqn with all the latest encrypted gear and a Liaison Tp (last I heard) but I'm not sure what they get up to (clearly not liaising with me!).

In addition the facilities (http://www.hac.org.uk/html/about-the-hac/the-hac-estate/) are first rate, arguably the best in the TA. They include the TAC and Club in central london, the Bisley Shooting Lodge and a private estate in Wales for getting wet in. There are opportunities for skiing, rugby, climbing, sky diving (annual camp this year I believe includes a 10 day course for those interested) and other sports are all there. Lastly membership gives you access to cheap housing in central London, cheap overnight accomodation, free membership to Holmes Place and a raft of other bits and pieces.

Some photo's here: http://www.hac.org.uk/html/the-regiment/join-the-hac-regiment/photo-gallery/

And there's some parties too.

Caveat - I'm no longer in so can't promise to be up to date.
The only thing that's stopping me is the 800 mile round trip commute...that would make for a bloody long Drill Night! 8O

Mr Happy

Werewolf said:
The only thing that's stopping me is the 800 mile round trip commute...that would make for a bloody long Drill Night! 8O
I imagine there's a few guys in iraq thinking the same thing!


leg_end said:
oh 4para or hac?

tempted both ways
Go and visit them both then. Different recruit training and selection procedures, different roles, different ethos...

Only you can tell which one is best for you.
Actually really interested in this (and not just for the cheap London Accomodation :D ).

When I've sorted my TA life out, I might give them a shout (and assuming I go back to London of course).
Red7 said:
Just out of interest, are your Int guys badged INT CORPS? Or are they pulled from your Squadrons?
My bold - guys? guys? You'll be having some lumpy jumpers on the net to you :D
Just spotted this and I'll be passing near on my way home .. Is this purely an HAC thing or will there other London units there?


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Some more info about tonight's event:

Tonight’s event is promising to be highly enjoyable there will be a wide range of interesting displays when the doors open at 1730hrs, including military displays, combat zone, Rapier, Skill at Arms display and tent pegging by the HAC Light Cavalry, tug o war and much more…. and ash cloud permitting, there will be Chinook and Lynx helicopters.

Channel 5 “Combat Chefs” will be running a BBQ from their field kitchen. Burgers and hot dogs will cost just £1 each. Cash bar facilities will also be available with music provided by City of Islington College.

The arena events will commence at 1845 hrs with the guns and horses of the Kings Troop RHA, displays by the Company of Pikemen & Musketeers and Light Cavalry and 2 Sqn HAC will bring excitement with pyrotechnics and smoke.
Oh and did I mention it's free?
Cheers HAC chaps, enjoyed that, the mock battle thing was awesome. Wasn't expecting the pikemen to make such a bang either, nearly dropped my pint! Came away with a couple of flyers too, so an evening well spent.
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