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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by singinhound, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Would be grateful to hear from anyone who has experience of joining as a trooper and undergoing training whilst at the upper age limit. I have a few years' experience and approached the HAC to see if they might be interested in me. It turns out that they will let me take selection despite untactical patches of grey hair. So it looks like it could be a runner and I am looking at the practicalities. Single father, employed in senior management. Has anyone experience of juggling the commitment successfully?
    Thanks for any advice!
  2. Mate, if you have 'afew years experince' then you already know the answer to your own question. You have made contact so, being the types they are, IF you were too old they would have told you to go somewhere else.

    If you can then do it, get your beret but for the love of Christ don't try and get an ego massage here.

    Alot of ifs. If it helps!
  3. Yes, probably right. At the moment I'm standing next to the edge of the pool and asking everyone if the water's cold...
  4. I remember people arriving at quite a ripe age - albeit with previous. However that was in the 90s.

    I'm pretty sure one was an ex-Legionnaire who looked late 30s when he did his BSC (the old 2nd phase HAC training).

    Screw the loaf and you'll enjoy it - although I understand the admin vortex is something else nowadays. Perhaps that is not just HAC though.
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  5. Dunno why you're worried. It's not as if you are going to be doing anything more physical than sitting in an ISO container watching CCTV...
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  6. No, I'm sorry, you must be wrong: The pamphlet definately showed pictures of professional-looking types wading through a river, and possibly to the theme of "Who Dares Wins"

  7. Has the HAC in its entirety been spammed with a UAV role?
  8. That's reserved for their more attractive and intelligent brethren down the road.

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  9. Don't think they are up to something as complicated as UAVs; too much time spent riding horses and having parties. But it does seem like somebody has seen sense at last and the "speshul" FOO teams are going for good and their squadrons are being converted to locating batteries with radars and CCTV.
  10. Correct. No UAV's.

    Not Correct (much as you'd like that to happen). The HAC is retaining its High Risk Static OPs role. FACT! (Indeed it has already had a number of its historic training resources reconfirmed and returned to it - both course spaces and entitlement and staff). The number of bods carrying out the patrols role is being cut and the remaining PIDs will be re-roled as medium and base ISTAR assets so the regiment offers a more rounded STA offering. With regards to the OPs role some exciting development and evolution is taking place but this is not and never will be the forum for such detail. Want to find out more? Join, pass patrols and then you will be briefed.

    As for the OP. The official response is if you are fit enough, try. Personally, my opinion is be realistic. The oldest person who has passed to my knowledge was late 30's. Also be realistic about what value you can bring spending two to three years getting through and into squadrons while balancing life. If your aim is to tick a box in your "things to do in life" I would go elsewhere, it will be a waste of your time and our time.
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  11. Have HAC deployed in role to Afghanistan?
  12. Yes, with 4/73 as part of the BRF. Trooper Jack Sadler was killed doing the mobile role. (And in previous conflict locations as well) as well as other ISAR roles that the HAC is now being expanded to take on. Yes, I said expanded, (and I don't mean waist lines) numbers wise.

    Wolfbolt and the OP... The eldest to my knowledge was 42. But he was a Falklands vet so he had a little experience in hills and bogs.
    He is still a legend in the WG (and HAC)
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  13. He might have seemed ancient but Dave/Dai's 50th was only recently, which would have made him early thirties when he did the course!
  14. Assuming by "role" you are driving at the OPs role as opposed to the broader STA one I can categorically tell you the HAC has carried THE role in Afghanistan. How can I be sure? I was sat in the said OPs doing the shifts on several counter insurgency operations. The OPs were not subterranean - funnily enough we have adapted to the differing nature of the conflict faced - as envisaged against the Third Shock Army but they were;
    - covert
    - with a specific intelligence gathering tasking
    - and were sustained. Many for over a week.

    I am not the only HAC person to have carried out the covert OPs role on Herrick. There was at least one other on my tour. There have been numerous on other tours.

    @Carlos. I stand corrected as to "father of Patrols Cse" standing at 42! Impressive but clearly the 35+yr olds are rare indeed. Before my time clearly!
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  15. Was that D.S. - he of the little red sports car?