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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nomansland, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me what sort of fitness I should be looking at acheiving prior to applying to join the HAC. (patrol squadron). I was hoping for 1.5 mile run time, press/sit ups,and the distances I should be running when training.

    Is the fitness level required comparable to Infantry/Para/RM?

    Any other info appreciated

    cheers fellas
  2. msr

    msr LE

    PM Carlos_Hathcock_II

  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    That has been answered L, R and centre elsewhere. However a search of the website using HAC and Fitness turned up sod all so IIRC:

    HAC recruits course is TA infantry level fitness + (the + is where they aim to get you fitter in prep for PSC but not hugely so)

    PSC has two main tests above ICFT and BFT (entry level) which is the 10 miler (don't know what in or carrying what) as its neue and 'long drag' at the end of your six months PSC which was 40m with 55lbs in best time (12 - 15 or so hours?)

    Like any course however, the fitter you are, the easier it'll be and the better you'll handle the other bits. Brush up on your nav too, 8 fig grids, and plenty of hill work - tough to find around London but gyms have stairmasters...
  4. And if you're poor, most homes have stairs.
  5. Go along to a presentation (first tuesday of every month) and get the answer first hand is the best thing to do.

    With no previous military you would join the (6 months) recruits course, expected fitness levels at the end of this should be on a par with regular infantry if you want to go on the the Patrol Course.

    If you can do 8 miles in 2hrs carrying 25kg and run 1.5 miles in 9min 30sec in running kit and do about 60 press-up and sit-ups in 2 mins your won't go far wrong. In fact you'll be ahead of the game if you can do this at the start of the course.
  6. You'll need to work on your 'drinking fitness', as well.

  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Somebody else, not me obviously, might point out that shouldn't be a problem for a member of the HAC. Obviously not me though. (and its not true but I'm getting it in before someone else who likes to perpetuate rumours might).

    Mncidentally however, if you are a member of the HAC then you get free membership at the nearby Homes Place gym.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Now thats perfectly true! I always like to finish a training run with half a dozen Abbott Ale's and 20 bensons.
  9. If you are interested in joining, do as Bailey said. Come to the first Tuesday of every month Potential Recruit night. There you will be given a full presentation on the Regt and the required levels for it.

    Also as the Recruits course is just ending the Assesment Weekend for Potential Recruits will be happening VERY soon. If you want to join you must go on this. If you miss it you will then have to wait 6 months until the next intake.

    PM me if you want contact details for the Recruiting Cell.
  10. Weekend after next is the next intake. Be Swift and Bold!
  11. Celer et Audax........ Not quite HAC, is it.
  12. Hi everyone (my 1st post here)

    Just wondered whether anyone from the board is going to be at the Assessment Weekend a week on Friday. If so then I'll see you there!

    Interesting bunch of people at the drinks evening - one utter spastic, but liked most people I met. Having said that there was one additional bloke who I'm hoping will get weeded out. Sod's law states I'll end up living in a hole in the ground with him though.

    Not worried about the fitness part, but is there any advice anyone can give about the other tasks on the weekend? What do the other parts consist of?

  13. Collosal amounts of beer on the friday night before throwing it all up on the Sat 6 am run. Murder ball (in suits).

    ...and have a joke ready.
  14. Equal opportunities employer and all that :D

    Other advice:
    Make sure you take all the kit on the kit list.
    Buy your DS a drink (it won't help you, but they'll like it).
    Keep a note of anything funny that happens and take the piss when the opportunity arrises.
    Smile, even though it hurts.


    I am aware that, given the time, you'll have already left but assume that, if you are HAC material, you will pick this message up on your Blackberry. 8)

    Edited 'cos big brother's watching.
  15. Wasn't wearing a signet ring with a cougars head on it by any chance ?