HAC EBAY Oddities

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Whilst trawling ebay for Artillery, as I have a sad habit in doing ( I will find my old unit plaque, I will !!!) I found some weird HACisms

    Anyone shed any light on these ?????

    The HAC Commando Beret

    HAC SAS wings
  2. Walt-ism?
  3. Ahahahahahahahahahhaa!

    Nice one!

    The HAC Commando beret.... Well it is a green lid with a HAC cap badge put in, you could do that with a Woman Auxillery Balloon Corps Badge!

    As for the jump wings, I wonder how he got HAC from the what looks like an 'A' under the parachute.

    And they dont exsist either.

    No Walt-ism on the Regtl side, just the know nothing chopper's who are selling them!
  4. How very odd this should come up now. For the last week I have been searching for a photograph of those 'HAC wings' sent to me from a collector in Australia a year ago. Told me he had bought several sets of them at high cost, believing them to be genuine, and could I please tell him anything about them. He told me that when he bought them he was told they originated from a time when the HAC was in a 'fire support role for the SAS' but no, he did not know where or when. Needless to say, I did not put much store by that tale.

    There were about five badges in the photo's. I examined them under a powerfull magnifying glass. All new, and embroidered on khaki material of very similar texture and shade, i.e. from the same batch by the look of them. I would have expected some variation of shade or texture in the back ground materials if they had been manufactured at different times. The cottons in each of the badges appeared identical, but of course difficult to be sure about anything from a photograph.

    This intrigued me, as four or five years ago I was talking to a chap in Zimbabwe, and apropos the HAC he said 'They are now in a SAS role', but could not tell me any more - just something he had heard.

    I showed the photo's to an ex 22 SAS man I know. Negative.
    Also to a ex Australian SAS chap. Still negative, and of course I contacted the HAC.

    I drew an absolute blank and could only assume they had been made by somebody hoping to cash in on the ready market for SAS stuff, possibly trying to pass them off as Australian SAS. I did not know of the walt scene at that time.

    Now they have cropped up again. This time on e-Bay. I will be very interested to hear if anybody else has come across this badge, and what they make of it.
  5. dunno, they could be from any army or airforce anywhere in the world, they could have been made as a one off batch for someone perhaps ?

    Maybe the "A" is artillary ....
  6. Besides the HAC is a territorial unit and, if the wings were "genuine" would have been the "drooped" version.
  7. The wings should be collected and returned to the QM of 49 Para - they are for the combat typists of the unit (the A is for Admin). They are awarded only to those clerks who can type accurately at over 60 words per minute while doing a HALO jump into the mangrove swamp at their training area near St.Ives.
  8. In theory it is possible that an HAC soldier could be commando trained AND serving with 3 Commando Brigade.

    As for the wings though ?????
  9. Do 21\23 even get those wings? Thought 22\SBS donteven let their reserve guys wear them?
  10. There is a little voice telling me that those are Rhodesian SAS wings.......
  11. The ebay entry claims that to be a "WW2" beret, but that capbadge did not come into use untill well postwar, obviouly rubbish. As for the 'wings' I have never seen anything like them, HAC Spec Obs when they do wear a qual badge wear the same snooker champion badge as 4/73 battery, no parachute role - no wings of any sort.

    I have seen HAC Pikemen wearing both Para and SAS wings (different pikemen before anyone starts and they were qualified) now that does look odd!


    1. HAC is not an SF unit so would not earn any form of SF wings even if the did BPC (and at the’re not airborne Forces either so even then it would be a lightbulb).

    2. 22 and 21 wore the same pattern of wings it’s 23 that wear the different ones.
  12. Xplosivearab: I do not think the wings are anything to do with Rhodesian SAS, but I have posted a message in the appropriate section of a Rhodie web site, and asked if anybody can help identify them.
  13. Hello Xplosiverab. You could well be on to something. I got an instant feed back from that Rhodie site, and my contact is looking into the possibility of SAS National Servicemen during the Bush War in Rhodesia. It makes sense, in the BSAP we had an 'A' Reserve (my scene). I have sent details of the relevant page on ARRSE, and suggested my Rhodie contact plugs in and posts direct if he can.

  14. 1. HAC is not an SF unit so would not earn any form of SF wings even if the did BPC (and at the’re not airborne Forces either so even then it would be a lightbulb).

    2. 22 and 21 wore the same pattern of wings it’s 23 that wear the different ones.[/quote]

    Sorry you failed to observe the note of sceptisism in my post. I do know the HAC are not an airborne unit; how would the get these big pointy things they carry into an aircraft?.
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Call the little voice into the open, grab it by the throat & slap it around while explaining it shouldn't tell you anything so stupid.

    They're not C Sqn wings.