HAC being chopped

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by whatley, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. Lost a Sqn I see, sounds kind of careless. So what's the story chaps?

    LONDIST figured out that that now the LONDONS are Guards they didn't need two TA ceremonial units in London?
  2. is there any chance of a link for this please
  3. LONDONS are neither Guards nor ceremonial.

    If you're referring to the HAC losing their guns, I believe it changed to an LO role a while back. I sincerely doubt the HAC is being cut at all.

    Oh, and the HAC's ceremonial part is a tiny part of a larger civil/military organisation. I suggest you do your homework before gobbing off.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Should I just lock this now :roll: ?

  5. No - the TA forum has been getting a little stale lately - we need some good old fashioned cap badge baiting to liven it up! :thumright:
  6. HAC being chopped

    Complete and utter bollox

  7. Sorry, there isnt one as he has read more into an internal name change than is actually happening.

    engee - I couldnt have said it better myself.

    And it is the second time he has mentioned this, but the first time no one picked up on it or bothered to respond.
    So now no longer feeling shy he has decided to post it again. Wrong first time, wrong now, and will be wrong again when you sprout more boll-arks.

    Maybe it's that troll MANDM back trying to talk shit again? :yawnstretch:
  8. The LONDONS are part of the household division, wear Blue Red Blue TRF, they are getting Foot Guards PSIs and are converting to other Foot Guards regalia (Large NCO stripes, Blue Red Blue Tie, Officers Stars, etc) so what makes you say they are not Guards TA?

    So why are the HAC loosing a Sqn then? If it's not a ceremonial issue it must be an operational one?

    Nothing to do with their Guns/LOs, that lot are the only ones actually deployed IIRC
  9. Bite.

    The Londons *are* Gdsm now (or well on their way to becoming such), however, they're not in the ceremonial role. Since they're not ceremonial role, they're not a ceremonial unit, but rather WFE/ IR for the 3 combat Bns of the Guards.
  10. Since when have the London Scots, Irish, PWRR been in the Household Division then???? And for that matter if the HAC has been disbanded how come the boys in Afghanistan don't know about it?
  11. Because your man here is mouthing off about stuff he knows naught about.

    As I said earlier, he is after a reaction by posting incorrect info.

    The HAC are not loosing a Sqn.

    There still are the 6 Sqn's. (1,2,3,L,Sigs &HQ).


    Dont believe me?? Ring RHQ on Monday and ask.
  12. Since 18th May last year. The wierdness of having a PWRR coy etc. in the Guards Division is no more wierd than a PWRR coy in the Light Division.

    The HAC boys in Afghanistan don't know about it because it isn't happening. Establishment remains stable at 414.
  13. So what is happening then if you know so much? You could make a good career working for new liabour with an answer like that.

    It looks may be the one who knows naught - for a start Guns/L Troop have never been a "Sqn".
  14. So then tell me why they have a Sqn Sgt Maj, a Sqn Commander and an SQMS??

    You know less than you think you do.

    As for that, are you in or ever have been in the HAC???

    No I didnt think so.
  15. hac are they still pretending to be sf