You must have missed the infamous thread on this. Basically looking for the following:

- would any of your regiment be interested in attending? It really is a good cause, I'm hoping it will be a great night and I would love a good mix of people to attend.

- I have a number of free tickets for injured soldiers if anyone has relevant contacts

- a number of soldiers from other regiments have expressed an interest in attending but are having difficulty with accommodation - are you aware of anywhere that would offer cheap accommodation to soldiers visiting London?

- would you be able to offer any sort of prize that I could include in the raffle/auction e.g. a day's training with the army or something similar?


and pretty please don't get this moved to the charity section because no one bloody reads it there....
Just wanted to check in where all the people who mocked me the other day are?? you asked me to get a table for injured servicemen and woman and I did it and I can't seem to get anyone to commit to the tickets or I'd try and get two or three tables....you asked me to find out about cheap accomodation and I found out VSC does rooms for £40 for those that have recently served overseas, you asked me to lose the patronising attitude re "fit" soldiers and I did. And I get 6 bloody responses (and thanks v much for the PMs I've got).
itsforcharidee said:
are you aware of anywhere that would offer cheap accommodation to soldiers visiting London?.
Yes, ironically I believe the HAC have knock down accommodation for people to stay there overnight. Suggest you contact them. The number on their site is 0207 448 0703 (but I suspect this is the recruitment number so be prepared to receive "the sell") :wink:

Alternatively may be worth checking with the Union Jack Club as they offer accommodation to serving personnel. Not sure what teh process is for the temporary membership.

Good luck with your event.
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