Habits you take into CivDiv

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. As a Nig, if i was made to get the teas coffees in ''SC make me a fcuking coffee now !'' type of requests.

    I would make sure there was a good dollop of knob cheese to whiten it up a bit and the hoop la fudge rubbed around the rim and inside + mug handle. Loverley!!!!

    Now in civdiv i hold a senior management position (sensible) after a heated debate with ''the client" an Arab type i offered to '' make the coffee'' i am sure he could get a waft of the shite, but couldnt quite put his finger on where the smell was coming from that ll teach the fcuker.
  2. What a credit to the Army and your company you really are. :roll:
  3. haha, brilliant!
  4. Polished boots and thinking I can have sex with any female member of staff I like.
  5. Really.... I doubt you'll hold it for long.

    Besides... Cappuccino was my forté.
  6. I am always having a mental shagfest with some office tottie, always looking down the tops of female professional types whilst they bend over explaining drawings.

    howver i did have a bit of an "office romance" with a female building surveyor. size 44F fcuking mammoth tits.
  7. 44F! wow!

  8. Just wish i had photos
  9. Female colleagues or customers. Just can't stop thinking of them in terms of shagability.

    Also, intolerance for people skiving off 'sick'.
  10. Absolutely EX-STAB, sometimes the old tricks are the best ones, the consultancy is one of the top international firms in the middle east, the reason, i ve got where i am is due to my'' can do '' military attitude, there are alot of slackers in CivDiv. however i have not skiffed anyone over here yet.
  11. Could nt agree more cdo, when a female collegue or outside consultant (female) comes in. i am always checking out the arse the tits, see if theres a good pubic mound to bounce on. any evidence of stockings/ sussys.

    So Ladies is doesnt matter how good at your job you are or how professional you present yourself, we will be looking at your tits.

    PC I can't do it!!
  12. Can't beat an extra weeks paid holiday.

    Sunday night out, Monday day off in bed. :thumleft:
  13. Aye, something else that gets on my tits. Also find it funny how management bully staff around and get away with it.
  14. Tankieboy, if your are being bullied by senior management, have a chat with them about it, failling that get another job, but at least show the B@stard your displeasure in the car park :threaten: A lot of these guys may have abit of shout, but they lack moral fibre, a quiet word with the door closed should sort it mate.
  15. Not me, others around me. I give the same advice to them.