Habemus papum: White smoke..... New Pope!

****! I was just about to head down to the bookies for a £20 bet on him being European.

Anyone know the odds?


Book Reviewer
Hands up everybody who gives a rats arse what happens in Rome.
Prepare for shocked Italian gasps if the new bloke is not exactly white.
Who is it? :?
Good, can Africans wear condoms now........NO?...........thought not.

now what shall I have for supper tonight?
Bugger me, that was quick.

Hang on, let me just clarify that remark, there are Catholic clergy involved.

I meant "Goodness, what a speedy decision."
I bet it's another catholic
Thanks to the Mod who amended the title of the thread, however it's

Habent Papem
If he's gay he won;t be the first.
The reason it took so long was because the 115 Cardinals had 115 Bell-boys locked in with them
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