Habemus Papam - Joey the Rat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rocketeer, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. So.. Ratzinger fixed the vote and ' old school-strict ' wins out over liberalizing the Church..

    what time is the schism, then?
  2. Btw, head of Russian Orthodox Church patriarch Alexiy 2d is German too. His surname is Ridiger. Also mr.Putin is fluent German speaker. So, probably he will find 'common language' with new Pope.

    Btw, my late grandmother was Polish and was born in Catholic family. Even Catholic priest was founded in Siberian village for wedding.
  3. The odds were stacked in favour of it being a "conservative" from the get-go... J.P II manage to fill the college of Cardinals with people from his own mould, as it were.

    Admittedley 'rottweiler' Ratzinger is probably more extreme than some possible choices - but there was almost no chance of it being a liberal, forward thinker.

    Bear in mind also that most of the strength of, and support for, the R.C Church now comes from Africa and South America where they tend to favour a more 'medieval' mindset.

    But as Ratzinger himself is 78 - might be back at this conclave situation in the not too distant future.
  4. The Latin American church is heamorraging converts to the protestant evangelical churches though, partially because they are more open and partially because thay don't tend to be as dogmatic on birth control.

    He was head of the Holy Office wasn't he? Sometimes the Inquisition IS expected.
  5. Has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblance between the holy Father and Barry Humphry's Sir Les Patterson, Australian Cultural Attache to the Court of St James?

    His Holiness

    Sir Les
  6. Well,Germany could do with some good news at present.The economy there is really bad!Maybe this is the good news they need?
  7. Hitler Youff to Pope...... Yeh my man! .... CGS next? Why not? You know we want it!
  8. I'm sure you are right muhandis89, it would certainly make me feel better if one of my countrymen was made pope. I would immediately forget about my unemploymentr and debt plus the fact that we kept losing successive wars.

    RiojaDOC I have it on good authority that although Pope Benedictine XV1 was indeed a Hitler Youth, he didn't inhale.
  9. Everyone was in the Hitler Youth during that period. He had the good sense to head home when he saw the end was near for Germany. He still spent time in a POW camp, probably where he learned his english. But old habits can be hard to break. A friend of mine's mom was in the Hitler Youth and when I met her she fit the mental image I had of a nazi die hard.
  10. Home furnishings made of human skin? 8O
  11. I dont think so. At the time she was like 15 or so - just brainwashed. Her marriage didnt last - I guess the charm of marrying a squad leader in the hitler youth wore off.
  12. Interesting, I am sure that the US immigration policy specifically bars entry (to the US) to members of the Nazi Party (Not sure what Hilter Youth counts as). I will have to re-read the immigration form when I next visit the US.

    I can see it now... His Holiness's first flight to the US is forced to land in Canada under escort of some F16s! How I would chuckle!

    I think we can safely assume that the he will not be:

    Apologising for the conduct of the Vatican 1933-1945.
    Apologising for the kiddy fiddling antic in the states.
    Apologising to all the women married to HIV+ men who are not allowed to use condoms.

    Rant Over
  13. So the new Vicar of Rome is a Kraut. Sadly it's not the African chappie - that would have got all the frightfully smart types from Downside & Ampleforth choking on their Holy Smoke and all the rabid Euros questioning reality! I wonder if the new bloke will try and get the Vatican to join the EU and NATO?

    Sadly this fellow is not going to last very long before he croaks, so we'll have to go through all this Papist 'Diana-ism' again. But I doubt it'll be as well timed as the Pole's demise in keeping Mr BLiars antics and corruption out of the headlines during an election campaign. Cheri, the Wide mouthed Frog can keep her funny tea-towel out for the next public display of sadness.

    Burning at the stake is too good for 'em, I say!
  14. He was in a vehemently anti-nazi family, and was forced to join the Hitler Youth. All very credible.

    Why hang on to the photo in uniform if you were so anti ?
  15. Why does everyone think that he will croak it so soon, after all he is only 78. Based upon national averages he should live to at least 85 min he does not smoke, only drinks christ's blood... so I can see him pottering on until his 90s. Godt in Himmel!