HAARP Weather Control or Chinese Equivelent

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hellfyyr, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. Not a conspiracy theorist but I came across a few articles related to weather control; search google for "HAARP Weather Control" and I thought of 2 x Hurricanes. Retaliation from someone? What about the Tsunami?

    It seems very unlikely I know, but some of the HAARP articles make me wonder just how much the USA have been playing "God".

    Just for fun, unless I get taken by men clad in NOMEX, Discuss:
  2. Come on. The tsunami was caused by an earthquake. :lol: But you're right, the supersecret hurricane generator works.
  3. All weather is caused by heat. If you're looking for reasons why there seems to be more severe weather nowadays, it's more likely due to there being more heat energy trapped in our atmosphere now.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably ............. a duck!

    Before someone says that the earth's rotation has something to do with it, this is a modifier, not a causation.

    The energy involved in a hurricane is mind-blowing; something like a thousand hiroshimas spread across the system is one figure I've seen bandied about for a Cat 1 storm. I've no idea how true that figure is or whether that energy density is even remarkable - "statistics, more statistics and damned lies". What I am pretty sure about though is that it would be damned difficult to inject sufficient energy into a system to affect it in any way that could be called "control".

    Y60 is right about the tsunami not being weather related. However, in both the tsunami and the hurricane disasters the environmental lobby would suggest that the net effect has been amplified by human inputs. In the case of the tsunami some have argued that global warming has caused the mean sea level to rise putting more people at risk. Again, no idea of the evidence behind that statement. In the case of the hurricanes that hit the southeast US every year, it's suggested as more people live there so for a given storm strength more people are at risk.

    I'm no tree-hugger but it seems to me much more likely that Dubya is screwing with the weather by refusing to accept even the possibility of global warming. Having said that, if he had a bloody big ray gun I'm pretty sure the clown would be just itching to play with it.
  4. I am tired of warning certain posters about discussing the Abnormal Weather Generator in open forum. Really , this lapse in security is appalling. You'll be discussing the location of the secret Evil Island Caribbean base next.

  5. Any evil base worth its salt is always in a tropical location with a nice climate and perfect white sand; its not exactly the best place to hide one really is it?

    I apologise for blowing, sorry, excuse the weather related pun, the secret...

    But cmon guys we can get more conspiracy theorist than this, military.com would have fielded an expert in this field by now lol...
  6. Much as I would like to blame GWB and his belief that America should be able to burn as much oil as they like as inefficiently and dirtily as possible I suspect that the cyclical increase in solar activity we are experiencing at the moment is a contributing factor.
  7. Posession of HAARP and associated meteorological technology by some minor states ; has continued to allow the world's policeman ( and certain journalists of questionable ethics ) to point the WMD finger in certain directions.

    How long before they invade Bracknell??
  8. Yeh Trails worked well, jut wait till they use it overseas.
  9. JW: Fear not............the strategic targetting community are already at work

    Private Eye Issue 1141