H8 Str8Bloke? - things you need to know

Discussion in 'US' started by ChristopherRobin, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi fellas. Thought I'd check up on what Str8bloke has been up to as he is a premier division stroker.

    Lo and behold he's been all over your forum like the nasty rash that he is.

    Just so you know, we had a long debate with Str8bloke over his treatment of the Irish. You need only read the first post to see what a little racist sh1t he is.

    He has also never served in any military that any of us could make out - no shame in that - except when he pontificates on military matters and generally tries to give the impression that he has served.

    I basically wouldn't wipe my aarse with him because I did serve 17 years in the British Army (incl a few months in afghanistan alongside 82nd and 101 AB) and am also Irish yet would dearly like to meet him so we could talk a few things over.

    So just a helpful heads-up from the Brits that this guy is a borderline walt and a total and utter cnut. Please deal with as you see fit.

  2. As Filbert fox pointed out on page 16 he did back peddle from his original post due to no-one backing him up.
  3. ...which simply proves he is a total cnut with no backbone either!
  4. Oi CockRubbing,
    Stop your whiny, politically correct boorfest and get back to selling the Big Issue. Or get a job with Hackney Socialist Services.

    Thanks for thinking about me though. Hope I brighten up your existence.
  5. Well at least he CAN think. Unlike you mush.
  6. Str8Bloke - me politically correct? thanks! If it's politically correct to call you the f u c king stroker that you are then PC me up!

    Just letting everyone know that you're just the sort of weirdo that prefers the company (virtual and, one presumes, otherwise) of soldiers.

    It's just a shame for you that we don't think the same. Oh and by the way, I see you've changed your picture to one that wouldn't look out of place on the wall of a particularly gay bloke. A sort of a Str8, but secretly not type of bloke at that.

  7. Agreed.

    Strokebloke is a bell end.
  8. Ah this is better - I thought this morning was going to be dull. I don't need a closet Gay to tell me what to think of the Irish and I told the cnut so as well. Not drinking with the Garda on St Paddies Day indeed - and it was free as well.
  9. the poll options are fcuked............. you cant vote for both.
  10. I agree, we need an all of the above option, plus underneath that an option for "no a cunt is useful for something unlike Str8bloke"
  11. Good Lord, several whining weaklings are now on my case. I'm flattered, and hopeful that one of your number will manage some decent insults.

    But before I send a few back, is ChristopherRobin fit and well? This is a genuine worry that has stopped me calling him rude names before. If the person was MD or has some other issues I'd h8 to make it worse for the sake of a spot of entertainment on ARRSe.

    The rest of you are retard chimps, with Tourettes.
  12. Of course we are - we don't agree with you you thr0bber so we must be. :roll:
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Who is St8bloke?

    Oh, that dull thread about the Irish. Thought this would be something worthwhile.

    Is this some sort of code for 'I am a complete spacker, and fist myself with M&M's and gravel daily'? Because as an insult it doesn't make much sense.

  14. It appears he has been studying at the "Flashheart School of Charisma" and didn't graduate, failing ALL of the Modules (including "effective retorts and put-downs") and being expelled for lack of wit and repartee..........
  15. I thought you would be glad of the attention, It's pretty obvious that mummy didn't love you (who could) and anyone normal would have said "no daddy no" not "do me harder" when you and your father enjoyed your secret don't tell anyone else or you will get taken away time together.