Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Languid_Doc, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. I have seen some information on an organisation called Push to Freedom, which appears to be in opposition to H4H, but I can find no mention of it in the Charities Commission blurb. Anybody aware of what or why?
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  3. Not sure about being in opposition to them, perhaps a wrong choice of words.
    More like another group trying to help service personnel
  4. :D
    Hi! Just saw your post and thought I would shed some light on Push To Freedom. I help out with the organisation at the moment. I would like to emphasise that we are not in compettition with Help for Heroes, we are just trying to reach our boys and girls in a different area. H4H are concentrating on the funds for the swimming pool at Headley and in the mean time, we have set up P2F to help with social and recreational needs. The majority of groups members either worked at Headley or are serving or ex-military personell so we know exactly what the guys and gals are in need of and what they want. For example, HC dont have access to a wheelchair adapted vehicle so that patients can go out so we hired one the other week with money we had raised and took 3 of the guys out for the weekend. We havent got the big bucks that some charities have, but with what we do have, we try to use to the benefit of injured troops past and present. We are doing a big fundraising effort next year where we are planning on kayaking across the channel to Normandy and then visiting the beaches used during D-Day operations in WW2.
    With regards to not being on the charities commision blog, we havent reached the £5000 figure that the comission require as an annual income before you can register as an official charity but we are registering for tax relief with HMRC. As you can imagine, it all take a bit of time but we hope to be on the commisions' register by next year if all goes well and we get support. Thanks for showing an interest in the group and if you want any further info, we have set up a basic website www.push2freedom.co.uk
    best wishes,
    Debs X
  5. Heard a bit about your work and it's all good. However, isn't there some bother over how the folks at HC are expected to attend events organised by P2F?

    I also heard that the main guy behind P2F is an ex employee of HC who is no longer allowed entry to HC due to his P2F activities?

    Happy to support but wouldn't mind some clarification on points above.

  6. Dont know who you have spoken to but that is a load of bull. The man in question ran into political red tape last year because he stuck his neck out for the patients. He was told that he had to give the ministers a justification as to why the patients should have a big xmas party which was pretty much in the process of being cancelled and then presents that were meant to be for the soldiers from the MET police were taken away from them and were about to be didstributed to other staff. When he put to the big bods that the met wouldnt be too pleased if they knew who was getting the gifts, a witch hunt started up so he left on his own accord (this can all be verified by emails sent to him at the time. He actually holds a senior position in the MoD at the moment so he can access any camp he wants to, just avoiding HC because their is a bit of bad blood there unfortunately and it has affected what the guys do at the unit - not much- until there is a need for PR and then they get paraded on national tv in their uniforms. I used to work at the unit with this man and can say he is 100% there for the lads, plus like I mentioned before, we are trying to help all those who are injured so its not necessarily patients that come out with us. It is a shame that there are just a few sad individuals that try to put a stop to having people get out and enjoy themselves without being made a point of.
    Totally understand any queries but once the whispers start, its hard to stop them snowballing. I think perhaps there is a tad touch of jealousy involved, plus it is hard in these days to accept that there are actually people out there that stand up for what they believe in regardless of what happens to them. I know people think, well what is he getting out of it, nothing really, just the satisfaction to know that we have made a difference to some-ones day or night. The aim of our big event next year is to keep half of any funds raised to put in a benevolent fund so the guys can continue to do what they love doing and the remainder of the funds are going to be split between the 3 service benevolent funds.
    We are working alongside the Met Police and I suppose if they trust this bloke, then he cant be all that bed eh?!
    On a serious note, I am aware of the rumours that have been floating about and all I can say is they are complete and utter tosh and I hope you can rise above the old boys or girls school chatter and make a decision on what you see happening.
    I hope this helps.
    D X
  7. Thanks for your inputs. I had already "Googled" and have read the blurb, but I'll be more convinced of this organisation's cred when it achieves Registered Charity status.
  8. How high is high? C1/B2/SCS?

    And that's quite a bit of baggage to be carrying around with you. Like the original poster; I'll be more convinced of your objectives once you gain Charitable status.

  9. Thats cool, at the end of the day everyone is entitled to their opinion based upon facts. I dont think what exact grade he is makes any difference to his charactor, plus he is one of 10 people involved in the running of the group. Hopefully this time next year we will have raised enough to register as a charity but we will keep going as we are until then. We know know we are doing a good job because we get plenty of positive feedback and support from the people who we help out and they are the important ones. On the other hand, if you have a spare £5000 in your pocket then I will gladly send off our documents to the charity commision board. (it takes up to 6 months for it all to get approved though so patience is a virtue!).
    Fully understand any concerns raised though as there are so many bogus people out there trying to cash in on other peoples misfortunes. Once again, thanks for showing an interest in the group and watch our website for updates.
    D X
  10. Either do I but you raised it as a point to be taken in to account. Also, there is more than a 'bit of bad blood' at HC over this guy as, by all accounts, he left under a rather dark cloud. And when I say left I mean he resigned from the MoD and has rejoined in a different post. Therefore, when you say he avoids HC; it's more to do with the Senior Bods not allowing him past the front gate- regardless of his MoD status - not wanting him on camp. Can you shed some light on the reasons why?

    Following a small bit of investigation the post he holds now is far from senior.

    My advice; work hard on promoting the work of P2F. People will remember what they want to and having a recognised name from within the field you are working is often helpful. However, when that name is recognised for all the wrong reasons it creates doubt and caution.

    Raise the cash and get yourselves registered.

  11. Look, Mr Languid doc - unless you know the whole truth I suggest you keep those thoughts to yourself unless you have hard evidence of anything as what is being suggested is slanderous, if he had done anything wrong, do you really think he would be employed by the MoD again? People forget the good that he did and the what benefit the patients got from him. I dont believe that any of what you are raising about one individual has anything to with what we are doing as a group and if you have such high concerns about this person, dont hide behind the lap top arrange to speak with him, I find it quite sad that you are doing your best to make out that he is a villain when you havent even met the bloke. I am sure he would love to meet up and show you the facts on paper. I wont disclose them on this as anyone can read it and some details are meant to be kept within the ranks. The fact that this man does what he says and gets up off his backside to bring a smile to some of the faces of our injured troops which is more than some people. Time to find something better to do than whinge about some one who is trying to make a difference on armastice day, perhaps there is something more appropriate to be thinking about.
  12. Mr Lanquid Doc? :? :D

    Feel free to PM me with further details Debs, I am contactable and not hiding behind a 'lap top'.

    Clearly no need to remind me about what day it is either; I think we all know.

    Re your point over one person affecting the group - it does happen and does impact upon what people actually think. Create even an ounce of doubt and you will feel it at fundraising events.

    I am not making him out to be a villain; he's hardly that. I am sure his motives are in the right place but his actions MAY be seen as a hinderance to the wider group.
  13. It's Tuesday....isn't it??
  14. No, Groundhog Day
  15. I ask if I can give you his number and get back to you - sorry about the spelling error, carpal tunnel syndrome makes the old finger joints a bit stiff.