H4H Wristbands?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by uk_numpty, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. I know someone posted about the phone number to ring up for H4H wristbands?
    I'm a complete mong for not writing it down & have tried to find it, but cant.
    Any help on the number would be really great.
    And yes i know i can buy them from the H4H website.
  2. Try google you flid.
  3. If you can find the site then you can find the numbers. :roll:

    Am feeling kind towards mlaaaars today so try HERE
  4. What's a H4H?
  5. I call wah.
  6. I call "Horse boxes for hire"

  7. OK davy,you got me.I know it's about hiring horseboxes.
  8. Davy??? I'm not called Davy...
  9. No your not,but davyskuller is.
    Besides I'm not speaking to you,especially after what you did to me the last time we met.
  10. No recollection......but as long as I was good it doesn't matter :)
  11. As stated i have looked at the Help4Heros website, cant you read!!

    But someone posted a telephone number to ring up about getting them & you paid for it my having it deducted from your phone bill!

    I shall look elsewhere.
  12. Here you go.

    You can phone 0906 111 70 70 at any time and leave your name and address.
    You will be sent one Help For Heroes wristband for each completed call. Calls cost £2.50 from a BT landline.
  13. If you googled "help 4 heroes wristband phone number" you'd have got it in no time.
  14. And don’t f*cking wear it in uniform, bracelets and bangles (not the 80’s girl band) are so unprofessional :wink: