H4H Wristband, which wrist?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sid101, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. H4H Wristband, which wrist?

    While in uniform, i guess the left.
    But when youre not, do you switch to the right as its where most people wear it?

  2. You need to get out more, Don't think it Matters which wrist.
  3. Any place you like, I tend to wear mine around my tool, but its a bit tight
  4. Stretch it around your neck; you've only got one of those, so it solves the uncertainty.

  5. I wear mine around my neck,it's a bit loose.

    On the same wrist you wear your watch

    Edited 'cos I'm stupidAnd the second time 'cos I'm more stupid than I realised
  6. LMAO, nice responses, but left in uniform, saw some letter from HQ LAND about it as right needs to be empty for banging one up.
    Just right is more symbolic when out of uniform, its always regared the higher hand? Sorry if this is weird :/
    Lets face it, there are weirder threads..
  7. Are there realy, I must have missed them
  8. That is because you were too busy crashing buses
  9. Also had some shite about mummy bags and bunks, reminding that they dont mix.
  10. Wear mine on the left one !
  11. 1. Right is not the higher hand, it's merely the hand that the bottom 90% of the population write with. ;)

    2. I've got a watch on my right wrist, and it hasn't stopped me from saluting...

    3. In uniform, I don't wear one, the fact that I support the forces is probably apparent enough. In civvies, it goes on my right with my watch.
  12. My bold:

    Don't you mean banging one out?
  13. I belive the one execption to wearing one all the time is exactly what you have said there... :eek:
  14. Buy two one for each arm in Civvies, can't go wrong. :wink:
  15. Mine is on my right wrist, next to the Black 'Lest we forget' RBLR Poppy band