H4H wrist bands

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by dogs_bollox, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Are the wrist bands only made in one size ? I've bought several as I can't walk by without contributing but I can't wear any of them as they are too tight on my wrist and therefore make me sweat under them and they mark my wrist.
    There must be pleanty of lads (and lasses) who have done the sorts of things to make their wrists large :oops: Well, what about us then ?

    What do we want ? Bigger wrist bands. When do we want them ? NOW !!!

  2. Were your parents related before they got married?
  3. You got me bang-to-rights there Smudge. You're not THE 'uncle' smudge are you ? Mum sure liked you ! :wink: But she did say you had small hands and wrists ..........

  4. lose some weight
  5. That's me!! :)

    Have you tried splitting 2, and glueing them together you freak of nature?
  6. They won't 'glue' together, I have bitched about this in another thread, small children can't wear the bands ether, tried cutting one up to glue back together and found that it wouldn't stick, you can't burn and stick them together ether as they don't burn properly.......dam health and saftey
  7. Hi Uncle Smudge !

    Splitting two mums and glueing them together or wrist bands ?

    What's freaky about having 8" wrists ? Did you never get lumbered with a Gimpy ? Or a mortar etc, etc. 'Them' have 12" wrists but don't tell anyone :wink:

    Do you even have a wrist band or are you too tight to buy one ? I bet it falls off your wrist too !!

  8. I had the same with mine. My dog nicked it from the table and chewed it in half. I tried to glue it with superglue,but indeed it just won't stick !
    I have to get me a new one,but have to figure out how get it send to Holland. :roll:
  9. F.U.N.N.Y but sadly not true. Just a result of having to work for a living - unlike your good benfit cheating self.

  10. I don't have a wrist band. I'd not wear it, so just donated the cash. Let someone else buy it.

    Ref GPMG - yup, unfortunately.
  11. Try putting it into boiling water for a few minutes then stretch it around something bigger than your wrist, then leave it to cool down. Repeat as necessary.

    Edit- Oh yeah, FREEEAAK!
  12. On the case for you mate, need anything else? Fridge magnets, key rings etc?
  13. Don´t wear ém. Unless you have some sort of pathological need to show to the world that you care and donate etc.
  14. oooohh, now youve done it, off to the naughty step for you :wink:
  15. telegram for Mongo.