Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by calibra4x4, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. Come on everyone put your £5 down and win yourself a New Lotus Elise S from Lotus Cars GB and Griffin Tax Free, Lotus GB's only Factory appointed specialists.

    Follow the banner link or go to www.griffintaxfree.com and enter on line. It's secure and proceeds go to Maj Phil Packer's "Phil's Million" Help for Hereos fund.

    £5 and you could be the envy of all your mates next April !!

    Thanks to everyone who has already entered and good luck !
  2. It's all mine hahahahaha :twisted:
  3. Better get your £5 down then mate and keep everything crossed !!
  4. Ooh, I want one of those. Prettiest "car" I have ever seen.
  5. get your money down then...... IT COULD BE YOU :1:
  6. Many thanks to the people who have already gone on the link and purchased tickets today..... to the rest of you, stop looking , pay £5 and start dreaming of sunny days and girls !!
  7. Right! When can I pick her up?
  8. A double shot to make sure!!!
  9. Thanks mate.... need more like you !! Good luck :cheers:
  10. Thanks Smudge :salut:
  11. Got to be the best way to spend £5

    £27,500 of British Sports car for £5 ???

    Keep those entries coming in, and thanks to all those who have already entered !!

    Go to www.griffintaxfree.com to enter or click the banner in the "motoring" section of ARRSE
  12. Thanks Alex

    Good luck for April's draw

    Keep them coming lads. The more we raise the better for Maj Phil and H4H
  13. I've posted this over on Rear Party & Rum Ration for a wider audience.
  14. Thanks Dozy

    You're a Star !!
  15. Someone from Cyprus is going to win this I tell ya!

    And bump :wink: