H4H: The Bavarian Bears Herr und Frau Steinhuber

[align=center]The Hols4Heroes 'All Be Over By Christmas' Auction Campaign

Here you get the fantastic chance to go for

Herr und Frau Steinhuber, looking for a new home.

The couple is dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes and they will survive withouth German beer.

This is what the bears look like:

The auction will run for one week.

So please make your bid before

Sunday, 29th of November, 2400 hrs.

(Just to make sure, this is GMT. :D )

It is the time of year that everyone should have a good time, let's support those who need us.
You know you want to help, please do so !!
Some of the money raised will go to OP Santa, to let the children have a Merry Christmas, too.


Book Reviewer
Please put in an offer on these before the dreaded Bear Farmer spots them!
YesItsMe said:
Oh dear, (whistling like Joan Baez) where have all the bea-hears gone ...
10 quid


Book Reviewer
Thank you stacker. Let's hope this keeps them from the clutches of the bear-farmers!


Book Reviewer
Oh, No! The Bear Farmer has bid!

Please save these bears from a fate worse than ticklishrodent's barbecue!
Free to be predated by brown bears and grizzlies? Oh! Oh! You Cruel woman!
20 quid
Thank you; I'm sure the bears will be grateful for their rescue!
Well far be it from me to deprive stacker's offspring of bears, but

any more bids?
YesItsMe said:
Ok, let's take another lesson ...

Simply type

£ 21 :D
Any offers over £20 for these lovely bears?

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