H4H Robbed

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by David Powell, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. If guilty, I hope he can devote the rest of his natural to the tag team bronco dry bumming of Mick Philpott!
  2. This is why door knockers and collectors in public places never get anything from me.
  3. Is this the NAAFI? No, damn, he is scum. The only joy we can take away from this will be the treatment he will get prison. I don't suppose he will or will be able to cough up the 1/2 mil in any case.
  4. Yup, only give directly to charities these days online.
    This will stop people giving!
    Scum bag should be hung by his balls if he has any!!
  5. hotel_california

    hotel_california LE Book Reviewer

    This is not the NAAFI so I shall keep it zipped.
  6. Keeping in with the "not the NAAFI" feeling; it's good to see Tidworth house being used like this, I like the idea of "the lads" getting a stay in a nice posh house.
  7. One is forced to wonder at the accounting practices of the charity in question! And the due diligence being applied by said charity to fund raisers. Awful lot of money to just go astray!
  8. ^ Damn, beaten to it by a bloody Tankie!
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  9. Look on the bright side, I did not nick 500,000 thousand. Something wrong in a charity that lets that drop through the cracks.
  10. As this is not the NAAFI, I can't mention the scumbag and the Mrs scumbag from Somerset who have been filtering RBL funds raised straight into their own bank account for many years. Allegedly. Apparently. Hope all the thieving so and so's get what is due to them.