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H4H: RAF Biggles Bear needs a home (Limited Edition)

[align=center]This cute RAF bear is one of the popular Biggles Bears.
He's a 'Limited Edition' and now upon retirement he really needs a good home.

His height is about 30cm and so a small bed will do for him. :D

And as an RAF officer, he's modest and a couple pints every now and then will keep him happy.
Just don't expect him to take his uniform off. ;)

Of course the bear is new and his name is James.
He is a Limited Edition bear of the 'Duxford Museum' collection.

So, if you can give him a home, please bid for him till
Sunday, 6th of September, 2200 hrs.

(Just to make sure, this is GMT. :D )

I'm sure you all know that there is always an urgent cause.

So, all you airforce personnel, please back one of yours !!![/align]
[align=center]That's fantastic, thank you, spike.

And so the highest bid is:

£40 from spike7451 . .

Anyone in the mood to say £41 ?? . .

Good strategy Spike,

Someone would have to be morally and emotionally bankrupt to bid against you now

Put me down for £41 please
[align=center] :rofl: That's a fine strategy ! Thank you, Mr-D.

And thank you for your generous bid as well, Fatal_Bert !

And so the highest bid is:

£100 from Fatal_Bert . .

Will I hear £101 on this lovely Sunday ?? . .

And that's the kind of fun you can have with a bear. :lol:

[align=center] Thank you for this generous bid, spike !

And so the highest bid is now:

£101 from spike7451 . .

How about £102 because of the lovely weather ?? . .

Well,that's me out!
HOWEVER.....I will add to this auction if YIM does'nt mind and include,for an extra £10 top up,a Brass RAF Beret Badge (HM King George crown) that belonged to my late Father,who was Lancaster aircrew in WWII, to compelement the bear.
[align=center]Wow, you two find me rather speechless now. :thumleft:
Thank you both for the magnanimous bid, Bert,
and for the offered Brass RAF Beret Badge (HM King George crown), spike !

And so the highest bid is now:

£200 from Fatal_Bert . .

(Or perhaps £210 including the donated Beret Badge from spike. ;) )

I hardly dare asking whether anyone would like to say £211 now . .

Grownup_Rafbrat said:
Wow, what can I say? Speechless at the generosity of arrsers yet again!
And a little, very tired
from me before I collapse in a heap of aching muscles.
Oh poor you. Wait, here is a nice relaxing bath for you.

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