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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by SilsoeSid, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. I have been sent details of a couple of guys wanting to do the London Marathon for H4H.


    Personally, I don't think this is right.

    H4H can apply for bonded places in the Marathon and clearly haven't any, for what ever reason. Either they haven't applied, or found the places cost too much and didn't want to burden the runner(s) with such a high sponsorship target. For example this year - RNLI £2100

    Like everyone else, one needs to register on the website to be in with a chance of getting a ballot place, failing that, you apply to a charity for a place. If you miss the deadline for the ballot, unfortunately that's it, bonded places it is.

    Now, I believe people run the Marathon, to run the Marathon and not just to raise money for their chosen charity. There are so many different other ways to raise money for charity, than doing London. Besides, you'd be better off donating the £500 or so it is going to cost you personally to do London, taking into account travel, accommodation, kit etc.

    Last year I wanted to run the London Marathon. Simple.
    If I had a ballot place, I would have run for H4H. Unfortunately I didn't get the place and had to apply for a bonded one. After speaking to H4H, who couldn't really help apart from agree that the RBL and themselves did similar work together, I applied for a place with the RBL. Within 3 hours, I had been given the place and on April 26th completed the last Flora London Marathon in 5hrs 12 mins.

    I and many others would be pretty hacked off, if these guys were given places in the Virgin London Marathon 2010 using H4H as an excuse for them to get the places, simply as they missed the ballot application...like many thousands of others have.

    This year I have applied for a ballot place and if I get one will run for Cardiac Risk in the Young, (up to 12 young people under 35 in the UK, die suddenly from detectable heart defects)

    Why CRY? Because of this event involving someones daughter a few of you on this site know;

    If I don't get a place, I will still be running a Marathon locally and later this year, events such as the Warwickshire Triathlon (5k run section in fancy dress) and Snowdonia Marathon, all for CRY. I have already completed a 'fun run' in the 'CRY outfit'.

    People run the London Marathon simply to run the London Marathon and I think this is a cheap shot at getting a couple of places 'using' the name of H4H.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Fecknig facebook petitions are pointless, H4H dont have charity places simply because they wont have bought any, Flora or whoever dont give them away buckshee charitys have to pay for them, they then claw back the funds by making you pledge stupid amount of cash. These guys are stupid, arrogant or both. How exactly do they think RB got to be a millionaire ?
  3. i'm waiting for to see if i've got a ballot place this year
    if i have i'm gonna split it between holidays4heroes
    & my daughters meithrin(nursery)
    oh, and i'll have to start training properly too :D

    if not i'll just chuck in for 2011's when it opens and keep trying