H4H - Lake Windermere Swim for Phils Millions

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Duke_of_Kaos, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. Dear all,

    Myself and another daft member of the army will be swimming Lake Windermere from Bowness to Ambleside on Sat 28 March iot help raise money for Phil's Millions.

    From Phil's site:
    "On the 19th February 2008 I was injured in Iraq and am now a paraplegic. I am determined to raise £1 million for Help for Heroes with support from others."

    We are hoping to add to the sum that Phil has already raised, so now that the 6 Nations is over if you have a few pennies to spare for a good cause please click the link and give what you can.


    Many Thanks

  2. Inbound.
  3. Is that you?

    Girls, pennies in pockets.

  4. Is that me? Not sure could be, many thanks for the support.
  5. I met Phil at a H4H charity night at Epsom racecourse.....and at the cenotaph by coincedence. I had a long chat with him. He's a top bloke, and doing a great job for the charity.

    Will send some money over.
  6. Brilliant job, lads. Took some bottle in those conditions! Shame you weren't doing it today, as the weather's great now, but if you're ever back up again, ask Gill to point you to our boat and we'll give you a tour round the Lake the easy way.
  7. No thats Major Phil Packer.... :roll:
  8. Many Thanks :D to all that gave to a good cause, a bracing day in the lakes with 20mph winds and some larger than planned waves on the lake, we had to start at Ambelside and swim down as that was the wind direction. It took a total of 3hours and 5mins and if you really want to be able to enjoy a hot drink I can recomend the swim as a good way to get cold.

    Cheers to all that that gave and don't forget Phil's Millions is still collecting for Help 4 Heroes.