H4H: Keyring pendant with digital photo album (ends 02.04.)

[align=center]In this auction you can bid for a black keyring pendant with a digital photo album

It is brand new and still in the wrapper.
It's got a 1.5" colour screen and can process up to 100 photos.
The back of it is made of stainless steel, so even dropping won't do any harm to it.
Uses highspeed data transmission and charging by USB 2.0 (cable included), reads .jpg amd .bmp files.
Can be set to either single image or slide show.

This is what the pendant looks like:

The auction will run for a week, so please make your bids before

Good Friday, 2nd of April, 1400 hrs.

( Just to make sure, this is GMT. )
smudge67 said:
YesItsMe said:
smudge67 said:
Does it come with naked photos of YIM on it??
You can't afford these special terms, Smudge. 8)
Thank you for your bid, Tick. :)
Well at least you admit that they're for sale ;)
Just need to negotiate the price now.
Oh, trust me if someone would give a fortune to Hols4Heroes, I wouldn't hesitate to do that.

But unless your real name is Bill Gates, I'm afraid that's a luxury you cannot afford. ;)
mac_uk said:
£20 from here, even if it does appear that a knowledge of German may be useful
Thank you, Mac. :)

And I wouldn't say so. If you know how to handle images on a computer, you will be able to use this as well.
Shows up as another drive in |My Computer and you simply copy files or delete them. :)
Still at £20 with Mac_Uk.

Come on, you know you'd like to have this, if not for yourself then to make a perfect present for someone you know. :)
theoriginalphantom said:

(If I win, would someone let me know through other means as I understand access to arrse is blocked where I'm off to)
If I win, or you win, I will put some "speshul" photos on it for you and send it to you.

If they allow that sort of stuff through BFPO of course. How were your Panini?

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