H4H "Hero Ride" 1-2 Jun 13

Anyone else doing it? Im cycling with the WIS (Wounded and Injured Soldiers) from Tedworth House tomorrow morning at 7am, hoping to get to Headley Court late afternoon. Should be fun and we've raised quite a bit already, glad we've got the weather for it unlike the main ride coming in from Paris!
I am walking the Isle of Wight tomorrow, would have likes to have done the WIS.

Good luck, going to be hot tomorrow.
Hope so!

Sparky 8 - Where's the finish please? My enquiries lead to a generic - 'Black Heath > Ccentral London' response.
All of the rides are converging at Blackheath on Sunday morning but we then cycle as a massive group alng the South Bank over Westminster Bridge (I think) past Buckingham Palace up the Mall and finally finishing on Horse Guards.
If anyone wants to donate Linda Walton is the WIS support riders team page!

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