H4H Drive for Limbs UK Tour

This is my first post good people.
I'm not Forces but my only son is with 2 Scots, and my future daughter in law is a campaign vet with 1 Gulf & 3 Afghans.
We are very proud of them both.:)
Anyhow, hope the photo below will give you a laugh!

I'm driving from Fort George (Inverness) to Portsmouth starting on the 14th of April 2012 to get signed in at the security gate of 25 odd MOD facilities to include all the armed forces, finishing off with an invited visit to Tedworth House. That is going to be a life changing experience.
The old car has been given a good work-over with lots of new parts, so despite knocking on 18 it should be good.

I'll leave it at that, and instead of wittering on, here is my H4H linky.
Drive for Limbs in support of H.for H.
Just feel I have to do something!

All the best chaps & chapettes!

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